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7 Hacks That’ll Help You Wash Your Hair Less Often

Having beautiful, luscious hair is pretty important to a lot of us. I mean, we’re constantly seeing commercials of the latest Pantene shampoo or Herbal Essence shampoo. These companies tell us, if we buy their shampoos we will have healthy, frizz-free looking hair. But let’s be real here, often it just doesn’t work.

What these companies fail to really tell us is that the less often you wash your hair, the better condition your hair will be in. That’s right, the dirtier, the better. I mean, you can go and research why shampooing your hair every day isn’t good, but it has to do with the natural oils doing a lot of good for your scalp and your hair.

It is especially good for people who have fine and damaged hair, but it would benefit anyone and everyone. But for a lot of us not being able to wash our hair as often as we’d like is hard! Either because our hair just gets ridiculously oily super fast, or we like to workout every day and just have to wash our hair.

But don’t worry, here are some hacks that can help you postpone washing your hair. They are super easy and you can totally try out and see which would work for you. Regardless, these hacks will ensure that you wash your hair less often than you do now. With time, your hair will thank you for it.

1. Alright, the first hack that you can do to postpone you from washing your hair a little longer is removing any fatty foods from your diet. Yepp, that means any sugary, fried foods. Replace it with vegetables, dairy, lean meats and clean eating. You’ll notice a huge difference in how much longer your hair stays clean.

2. The second hack to ensure you postpone washing your hair is something that some of us have known since we were young kids, but have forgotten. That is, try not to touch your hair too much. Your fingers carry a ton of dirt and oils that are transferred straight onto your hair. This will make your hair a lot dirtier WAY quicker.

3. When you do wash your hair, here’s a little trick that can ensure it stays squeaky clean for just a little longer. It’s a hack that can be a little uncomfortable but only takes a few seconds. After you shower, let the water run really cold and dip your hair under the stream for a few seconds.

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