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24 People Share Haunting And Spooky True Stories


With the latest release of the ‘It’ movie, people are getting creeped out by clowns.

But believe it or not, Pennywise the Clown isn’t the scariest thing out there right now.

In fact, horror movies are a joke compared to the stuff that actually happens to people in real life.

1. After watching a scary movie you probably think to yourself ‘meh, it’s just a movie, doesn’t happen in real life’. But there are scarier things that happen on a regular basis that make for a good story. Redditors were asked to tell some of their scariest true stories, and they didn’t hold back. This’ll definitely prep you for the month of October. One Redditor wrote of his experience in a motel. “It usually takes me awhile to fall asleep. My wife is passed out. So I’m laying in the dark and I hear a voice coming from somewhere in the room, whispering: “I think they’re asleep now.” I bolt out of bed, turn on all the lights and start searching the room. I scare my wife. There was no one in the room. What I experienced is called a Hypnagogic Hallucination; not uncommon during the initial stages of sleep. But if I didn’t know that I’d think the room was haunted” (NWBoomer).

2. Stalking movies are terrifying, but it’s even worse when it happens to someone you know. “Somebody emailed my friend a bunch of pictures of his wife just going about her day. Some of them were taken through windows for their home. Police was called and everything, but nothing ever came of it. They actually moved because of it” (iMakeitSeemWeird).

3. “One morning my friend decided to go for a run. As she was running she noticed a van was following a few blocks behind her. She tried to lose them, but the van kept following. She ran to the first house she could find and banged on the door. No answer. She jumped into an empty pool in the backyard and hid while dialing 911. Police showed up. Apparently, the van was from a nearby HVAC business and had been stolen early that day” (pm_me_recipes_girl).

3 Chatefame

4. “I have a friend who came home from school one day to find that her house was broken into. She decided to go inside to look around. Her mom (on the phone) told her to go outside and wait for the police. Later the police discovered a crowbar that didn’t belong to the family. They said that the offender was still in the house when my friend got home and was waiting at the top of the stairs with the crowbar” (FlarpyBlunderguff).

4Barnes and Noble

5. “When I was 4 I was playing outside when a lady approached me and took me to her place in a nearby neighborhood. Everyone was looking for me everywhere. This lady was depressed, losing her son and being left by her husband. She fed me, gave me tons of candy for a couple of days. One day, she took me to the candy store and the owner recognized the woman and reported her to the police. She didn’t hurt me at all. I still think of her and pray she is alright” (Unknown user).

6. “When I was ten till about fourteen I was stalked by a forty-year-old man. I didn’t know about it till they told me when I was about thirteen. The man had been following me to school, mailing me things, taking pictures of me, and sending my parents threatening messages in all sorts of way” (MasterMedic1).

7. “I live alone with my two dogs. Three years ago I was sitting in the kitchen and heard a loud “thump” in the basement. It was around 10 pm. I go down to see what the noise is. As I open the door I see my dog bashing his head and body into the wall, over and over. I called him and he stopped. Then a few hours later I heard the noise again, only it was my OTHER dog doing the same thing. It was like they were possessed or something” (beavers103).

8. “When I was nineteen I was visiting my grandmother in Indiana. One morning I was sleeping in her house when I woke up to her front storm door slamming. I realized there was a chair next to me that wasn’t there the night before. I saw that the main actual door was wide open and a man was walking across the lawn. I didn’t put the chair by the bed thing together until the toilet seat slammed down and scared the crap out of me. Why was the toilet seat up?” (savahontas).

9. “My mom’s college boyfriend became her stalker. They broke up in the mid-80s. A few years back we were doing a Harry Potter marathon when we got a call at 1 am. I saw my mom’s face turn pale white. This is when I found out she had a stalker. Despite him being silent for years, and their breakup happening halfway across the country, he found us. Said he’d driven by our house, complimented the neighborhood. Freaks me out to this day” (Ivhq).

9 quickmeme

10. “One summer day, my friend was sleeping alone at home. He slept with the bedroom door open but woke up when he heard burglars walking up the stairs. He laid there terrified, and one of them closed the bedroom door. When they left he found a knife in the kitchen that didn’t belong to anyone in the house” (12pillows).


11. “I have this habit of staying up late playing video games with my window open. Three years ago, someone knocked on my window around midnight. I think heard someone calling out for help in Spanish. My family was up, so I went outside to see what’s up. The person was a woman who was being human trafficked. We went inside to call the police. As we came back outside, there was a car with no headlights. We quickly went back inside. Once the coast was clear, we went back out only to find the woman wasn’t there. So strange.” (chowmeinninja).

11 Know your meme

12. “I had just gotten a new place in a pretty secluded neighborhood. One night, I was watching some TV and passed out. I woke up around 1 am and was about to go to my bedroom. As I walked through the dining room, I saw something tall standing in the corner. The person was wearing a white gown and had white hair. The old person sprinted towards me like a jet. When they saw me, they said: “Why are you in my house?” I eased into the bathroom, locked the door and called 911. The woman left shortly after” (dubmcswaggins).

12 Exemplore

13. “I was outside playing with friends…we were nine or ten. As we were playing, we noticed a man in a truck drive by over and over again. Each time he passed, he would drive by us slowly. The man was recording us with those old handheld recorders. We ran inside and called my friend’s mom. She told us that we need to stay inside and told me to go home, even though she knew my mom wasn’t home. So I ran so fast home, a mile away. I told my mom what happened and she was annoyed at my friend’s mom” (heylookitsatyler).

13 You Tube

14. “One night, me and my wife were in bed reading, with the windows open. We heard someone nearby shouting loudly, maybe a block away. We heard the words “Help me! I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!”. We decided to call the cops. A few minutes after we saw a policeman with a flashlight chasing someone across a nearby yard. Finally, the cops told us it was just some local teen, drunk, trying to talk to the neighborhood girl. He broke a window and cut himself to get her attention” (kinkin50).

15. “I was living in my car for a few months. Found this one really nice place to park at night. The first night there I had a waking dream that someone was outside my car looking in. Went back there for a few nights and had a similar freaky nightmare both nights. Ended up avoiding that place for a while. Then, one afternoon I wanted a nap and decided to go back. As I was laying there, this dude was walking his bicycle down out of the bushes right past my car. Very creepy” (-obliviouscommentator-).

15 Giphy

16. “When I was seven years old I was walking to my babysitter’s house. On my way there, this car pulls up beside me on the road telling me “Come here! Come here!”. I was petrified. Then he yelled, “Stay away from Christina”. Christina was one of my on again/off again friends in grade school. I had forgotten about that man until the fifth grade. Christina had put Lysol in my drink without me knowing. She was suspended from school. Still, don’t know how that man knew she was trouble…” (ConsumptiveMaryJane).

17. “Me and my friends decided to grab a few beers and launch some fireworks off. By 3 am we finish up with the fireworks and decide to go home. As we’re walking we hear some leaves ruffling on our left. We stop to listen but as soon as we stop, the ruffling stops. It was extremely dark, but we see a man come out of the pitch darkness wearing a pinstripe suit, matching top hat and thin-rimmed circular glasses. He looked at us and said, “Hello, good evening Gentlemen”. We ran till we reached the end of the trail. To this day I have no idea why that man would be deep in the woods, alone, in a suit at 3 am” (Squidward_sucks_eggs).

17 Pinterest

18. “When I was a teenager I was home alone one weekend and I was sleeping in my parent’s room. Around 2 am I felt like I was being stared at. I looked up and I saw a shadow person looking at me in the hallway. We looked at each other for about 5 seconds and then it turned and walked down the hall. A few seconds later I heard a loud crash. The next morning I walked into the bathroom and noticed a mirror had fallen off the wall and was shattered. My family still doesn’t believe me” (nessag).

19. “When I was about 8 years old my neighbor filmed me in secret. One day, I was trying to be a good kid and was helping my mom with laundry. Our dryer was broken, so I had to go outside to hang up the wet laundry when the neighbor boy yelled to me “Hey, I would go inside if I were you!” “What?” I was confused. “You should go inside. My dad is recording you.” I was super confused until I saw his dad with a camcorder behind some trees. I didn’t know what to do.” (Irunforbeer).

19 Quickmeme

20. “A few years back me and a few friends were driving up one of the canyon roads one night when an unmarked police car flagged us down from behind with his lights. I pulled over to the side of the road. The officer came up to the window, told me to step out of the car and then noticed my friends. He thought I was alone. Right away his tone changed after he saw my friends. He asked where we were going and spotted our beer. He asked for our beer and we went back home. A few weeks later we’re watching the news and there’s a story about a man who’s posing as a cop pulling over unsuspecting women and raping them” ( SLCer).

21. “There’s always been this rumor in my neighborhood of this certain part of town having a hidden community of crazy people who hate outsiders. I was curious, so one day a friend and I drove back there in my truck. Once we got there, everything went south pretty quick. The first house we passed had this weird army of dogs running around. Then every house started yelling stuff at us. My friend and I both started freaking out, speeding past and trying to find the first place to turn around and get out. As I’m making a u-turn, rocks are hitting my truck and this guy was holding a shotgun” (lineman77).

22. “This story happened to my little brother. He was six and very adorable. He was outside in our front yard, playing with his toy cars. We lived in a very nice neighborhood. Suddenly, a dark blue car came down the road. There were two men-a blonde, albino looking guy and a Hispanic. They noticed my brother and the blonde guy rolled down the window and said “Hey!” My brother looked up. The car flipped a U and immediately started RUNNING towards my brother. Luckily, the door was unlocked and my mom ran outside when she saw my brother crying. The car was already down the street, racing to get away” (Infrared_).

23. “We had a serial killer in SC a couple years ago. No one knew what he looked like yet but he had already killed 3 people at this point. My granny lived alone at the end of a long dirt road. One afternoon some random guy comes knocking on the front door of her house. My granny is practical and doesn’t open the door. The 40ish-year-old man is there asking if he can use the phone since his car broke down. But granny has a bad feeling about this guy. She tells him he can’t and picks up my grandpa’s 410. Once the man sees the gun he leaves. Eventually, cops catch the serial killer and it was the same man” (arcamdies).

24. “This girl I used to be in class with finding out today that there’s some random dude out there who tattooed a picture of her face on his leg. She doesn’t know who he is, just that he tagged her on Instagram with a picture of the tattoo. I’d feel like it’s pretty damn creepy to have someone somewhere in the world walk around with your face on his leg” (BronzeEloHell).


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