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After 20 Years Of Not Speaking To His Wife, Husband Finally Breaks His Silence

Relationships can be extremely complicated. After a couple has moved past the first few months of bliss known as the ‘honeymoon phase’ many couples experience a period in which they must actively choose to continue loving the person they are with.

However sometimes, even after a couple makes the choice to get married they still experience problems in their relationships. This becomes more real as the couple ages and adult problems enter life such as bills, and children.

Most couples that don’t get along either work through their differences through counselling, and sometimes they make the decision to get a divorce.

But for one man in Japan, when things got complicated between him and his wife, rather than working through their differences he decided to ignore her. Sure, every couple has fights and might stop speaking to each other for a while. But this man flat out ignored his wife for 20 years straight. After a long silence and the help of his four children, some things changed thanks to an intervention. Check out the video on the next page.

Otou Katayama still lived with his wife Yumi but their children explained that silence filled the house. Yumi would try and speak to Otou but he would only ever respond with grunts or nodding. The children got tired of this behavior, so they decided to do something about it.

One of their sons, Yoshiki, contacted a television show to ask for help to get his parents to speak to each other again. The show agreed, and the four children got to watch their parents have their first conversation in 20 years while sitting on the bench where they had their first date.

In the emotional conversation, Otou explains that over the years he began to get jealous because his wife was so focused on the children. He also explained to her that he understands that she had put up with a lot of hardship. Thankfully the couple is speaking again, and hopefully now they are making the best of their time together.


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