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Have you ever found yourself finding money on the street? Do you keep the money or bring it to a local bank or even the police station? It can be a hard decision to make as different people will do different things. The obvious, but the wrong thing to do would be to keep the money. Some may donate it to charity, and others will return the money.

This idea of returning lost money is represented in a story between an elderly couple that is actually quite comical. It is so comical that it almost seems unreal. Do you have any guesses with what made this story so engaging and funny?

What would you do if you found a big wad of cash lying on the ground or in a bag? At the end of the day, situations like this can showcase what kind of person you are. It tells a lot of your personality. So let’s get into the story of this elderly couple, shared by

So an elderly couple was commemorating their sixtieth anniversary. The backstory of this couple is that they represented a visionary love couple status. They were childhood sweethearts. After they had retired they had decided to locate back to their old neighborhood. 

While in their old neighborhood they were taking a stroll where they had attended school together. As the school was unlocked, they went in and came across the desk they had used. He had embarked on a wondrous memory they had shared together. At the time, Andy had carved “I Love you, Sally.”

While heading back home, both Sally and Andy came across a bag of money. The money had fallen out of an armored car. It had surprisingly set foot right in front of them. As anyone would be confused as what to do with the money, Sally and Andy decided to take it home. Sally had counted all the money and it was fifty thousand dollars. 

Andy, being the sensible person, thought it was only right to give back the money. But Sally disagreed. Saying what a child would say she said “Finders keepers.” She placed the money back in the bag and being sneaky she hid it in the attic. 

Clearly, fifty thousand dollars that go missing is going to be searched for. Coincidentally enough, two FBI men were lurking through the neighborhood in search of the money and decided to check in to see if they knew anything about the money. Since Sally obviously wanted to keep the money so she said “No.” 

Although Andy loves Sally, he couldn’t lie to the FBI. He tried to turn his wife in by stating that she was lying and that she had it placed in their attic. It appeared as though Sally wasn’t going to be able to keep the money. 

But, the response of Sally was so ingenious and brilliant. She had told the FBI to ignore what he had said and he is getting senile. Andy tried to explain that when they were walking home from school yesterday that’s when they came across the money. He didn’t even get a chance to finish.

Both FBI men turned to each other and left. While the story leaves us hanging, it also goes to show that Andy’s choice of words was poor by saying “When Sally and I were walking home from school yesterday.” This led the officers to believe that Andy was actually senile. 


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