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He Was Once The World’s Heaviest Child Before Having Life-Saving Surgery


Arya Permana is an 11-year-old boy. On paper, he sounds like a regular kid who enjoys the things that boys his age enjoy. Only one thing is different though; Arya weighs the same weight as about 6 boys that are his own age.

Weighing at 420 lbs, this Indonesian boy was dubbed to be ‘the world’s fattest boy.’ Doctors didn’t know whether this drastic weight gain was due to a medical issue, or simply because of the fact that his parents were over-feeding him.

His family did enjoy the fame for quite some time. The family was called to come onto American television shows, earning large amounts of money in order to have a better life for their family in Indonesia. But a change needed to happen.

Doctors told the family that if he didn’t make changes, he will not live for much longer. He needed drastic surgery.

According to Daily Mail, Arya finally had a five-hour gastric sleeve operation, becoming the youngest person in the world to do so.

The surgery proved to be a success because he has already lost nearly 70lbs of his weight; a sixth of his weight.

Daily Mail notes that his surgeons at the Omni Hospital in Jakarta expect him to lose another 220lbs within 12 months.

Originally, doctors believed Arya’s condition was the hardest case of obesity they had seen. The also believed it was the worst case of childhood obesity in the world. The condition had to be controlled or he would die.

Before his surgery, Arya’s diet consisted of daily doses of fried chicken, rice, noodles and chocolate ice cream. But the surgery has helped him.

It was such a difficult surgery that the 11-year-old no longer has that big appetite he once had. Before, his parents had tried to help him lose weight but failed miserably.

They put him on crash diets and even signed him up to various exercising programs. However, they still continued feeding their son the most unhealthy foods possible.

According to Daily Mail, it was only once their son reached a near critical condition that Arya’s parents realized that their son needed help immediately or he would die.

His father, a 45-year-old who worked as a security guard, said in a new Channel 5 documentary that his son had no sense of feeling full therefore he wouldn’t know when to stop.

He says in the documentary: “Every time he had two pockets of noodles and two eggs. More than half a kilo of chicken and then there was rice”

He continued saying: “This could be four to six times a day. The saddest thing was watching Arya try to get up. He would get out of breath just walking five meters”

His mother blames herself. She said in the documentary that she regrets not controlling the amount she fed her son. The reason she fed him so much was that she loved him.

According to Daily Mail, Arya’s surgeon, Dr. Handy Wing, said that he was at risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke even though he was so young.

But Arya wasn’t always like this. When he was born, he weighed a healthy 8.3 lbs and didn’t start gaining weight until he was five.

Arya may have a long way to go in losing his weight, but he already has plans for when he does. He told Daily Mail that he plans on playing soccer with his friends and swim.


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