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20 Heart Touching Photos From All Over The World


Photography captures moments in time that cannot be lived again. They can capture emotion, feelings, and can both compel and move you. Photography can often bring about powerful emotions in us. The power of a photo can weigh heavily on anyone, simply because it freezes a moment in time that can be life-changing or shocking. Some types of photos that have touched the hearts of others include:

  • Photos from any kind of war,
  • Photos of soldiers returning home to their loved ones,
  • Photos depicting the devastation of a natural disaster,
  • Photos of historic moments.

Photography has helped capture historic moments in the past, and has helped us explore and understand things we may not have been able to understand without a photo. A great photographer can capture the essence of a moment in time in a simple photograph, and it is a true testament to the art of photography.

Here are 20 heart touching photos from all over the world. 

1. A teenager receives the devastating news that his brother has been killed.

2. A man locates his dog after a 30-hour search in the debris caused by the Washington tornado.

3. Neil Armstrong’s face after walking on the moon.

4. A dog sits by the grave of her owner for the second consecutive day.

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