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20 Heart Touching Photos From All Over The World


Photography captures moments in time that cannot be lived again. They can capture emotion, feelings, and can both compel and move you. Photography can often bring about powerful emotions in us. The power of a photo can weigh heavily on anyone, simply because it freezes a moment in time that can be life-changing or shocking. Some types of photos that have touched the hearts of others include:

  • Photos from any kind of war,
  • Photos of soldiers returning home to their loved ones,
  • Photos depicting the devastation of a natural disaster,
  • Photos of historic moments.

Photography has helped capture historic moments in the past, and has helped us explore and understand things we may not have been able to understand without a photo. A great photographer can capture the essence of a moment in time in a simple photograph, and it is a true testament to the art of photography.

Here are 20 heart touching photos from all over the world. 

1. A teenager receives the devastating news that his brother has been killed.

2. A man locates his dog after a 30-hour search in the debris caused by the Washington tornado.

3. Neil Armstrong’s face after walking on the moon.

4. A dog sits by the grave of her owner for the second consecutive day.

5.  After a devastating flood in Argentina, a woman searched everywhere for her dog. This is the moment she finally found him, captured in this heartwarming photo.

6. In this picture, a Shiite Muslim father holds his son during a Muharram Procession as his son is marked with a knife in Mumbai, India.

 7. An Afghan man offers tea to an American soldier while he’s on the job.

8. This photo, taken in 1987, shows a surgeon sitting beside a patient who has just undergone a brutal but successful 23 hour heart transplant. The surgeon monitors the patient while his assistant, visibly exhausted, sleeps in the background.

9. Helen Fisher kisses the hearse which holds the body of her cousin Private Douglas Halliday. He was only 20 years old.

10. A young American woman returning home from deployment hugs her young daughter while in tears. This is a powerful and emotional moment which shows a mother reuniting with her young daughter after a long deployment.

 11. A woman sits in the middle of the devastation caused by the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

12. In this picture, a Turkish protester lies on the ground, visibly  injured. This occurred in 2014 during a protest in Istanbul. Riot police released tear gas on demonstrators and many were injured.

13. An American soldier lays down for some rest after a long night in Afghanistan. This photo was taken in 2009.

14. A little boy confronts his father after calling the police to report him for attacking his mother. Life magazine later declared this photo, taken in 1987, as one of the most influential photos in the world.

 15. An excerpt from President Theodore Roosevelt’s journal the day his mother and wife died.

16. This picture, taken in 1944, shows the last few seconds of the lives of Polish resistance members before their execution. It is heartbreaking to see the wide range of emotion and fear on each person’s face.

17. This picture of an 8-year-old boy accepting the American flag for his father who was shot and killed in Iraq is heartbreaking. The boy’s father was killed only weeks before he was set to arrive back home.

18. This photograph shows a little girl from Syria in a surrendering pose. She mistakenly thought that the long-focus lens of the camera was a gun and immediately went into a pose of surrender. This picture is a heartbreaking account of life in war torn Syria.

 19. A soldier meets his daughter for the very first time after arriving home from deployment.

20. The sun sets on Mars.


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