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24 Times Heidi Klum Took Halloween Costumes To The Next Level

I think we all have that one friend who pretty much dominates every holiday. There’s the one friend we have who, just like department stores, gets ready for Christmas in November, the one who always hosts Thanksgiving dinner and the one who puts more time and effort into their Halloween costume than we ever did.

When it comes to celebrity Halloweens, Heidi Klum is the one who definitely decimates the competition. From her dressing up like an older version of herself to donning the fur of a chimpanzee, Klum posts photos on her social media accounts every year of how long it takes her to get ready for the holiday. She spends hours getting her hair and makeup done and always comes out looking like an entirely different person.

We’ve gathered a list of some of her (and Seal’s) best years for a little Halloween inspiration.

1. In 2008, Klum dressed like the Hindu goddess Kali, complete with multiple arms and blue body paint. Klum said her assistant recommended the costume given that Klum and husband Seal had been to India the previous year. She began looking at images of Kali online and told reporters, “I loved it because she’s so mean and killed all these different people and [had] fingers hanging off [her] and little shrunken heads everywhere.” Though her costume may have wowed people on the red carpet, the getup did upset several others, including Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed. Zed released a statement saying, “Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects. Hindus welcome Hollywood and other entertainment industries to immerse themselves in Hinduism, but they should take it seriously and respectfully, and not just use the religion for decoration or to advance their selfish agenda.”

2. In 2006, Klum and Seal dressed like the forbidden fruit of Eden with Seal donning the blonde version of Eve. The apple worked out well, too, because it strategically hid her baby bump at the time.

3. Klum went back in time with her costume in 2002. The ever-famous and symbol of sass Betty Boop made an appearance at the annual Halloween party with Klum ensuring she had Boop’s classic curls and her little red dress. Boop made her first appearance back in 1930 in Dizzy Dishes.

4. In a costume that admittedly scared her children, Klum dressed up like a much older version of herself a couple of years ago in 2013. When she was interviewed by Us Magazine about the getup she said, “I take Halloween very seriously, so I’m not a fan of a thrown-together costume […] But seriously, I’d rather stay home than go out in an uninspired costume.”

5. Klum took the word “‘transformation” as literally as possible with her transition into a butterfly for her 2014 costume. When E! News caught up with her, she said that this costume didn’t freak out her children quite as badly as her previous year’s did but they were still dumbfounded that it was their mother.

6. I know that every year approximately 1.7 million cat costumes can be seen on Halloween but Klum did hers a little different in 2007. She not only took on a bodysuit of grey to match her ears but she also sported fake teeth and a studded collar. She also added a little fur around the ankles of her boots, which was a nice touch.

7. Klum teased her 2011 costume before the big day but no one knew quite what the final product would look like. When Klum and Seal walked the red carpet, they were completely unrecognizable as, what Klum called, “link between man and ape.” She was clad in prosthetic breasts, astonishing makeup, and hair from head to toe.

8. In 2012, Klum assumed the role of Cleopatra, complete with the famous black hair and golden threads. She wore a gold gown accompanied with huge wings, which added a regal touch. She was recently divorced from Seal at the time so she attended the Halloween party with someone dressed as Santa.

9. Perhaps one of her most memorable, Klum underwent hours of prosthetics and makeup to turn herself into Jessica Rabbit for 2015. She uploaded photos of herself getting ready for the transformation, which included her getting fitted for prosthetic breasts and a fake butt while also having to don a latex face.

10. Klum and Seal went as two crows together in 2009 where they, once again, were totally different people hidden under beaks, feathers, and black makeup to disguise their faces underneath the bird’s mouth. When it came to the feathers, they took up the majority of their torsos while also extending past their hands to emulate wings.

11. In true creepy, Halloween fashion, Klum entered the red carpet in 2011 on a gurney with all-too-realistic makeup that made her look like nothing but a flayed torso. Her nerves and muscles were showing and the makeup added a moist texture to her skin to make her look all the more disgusting.

12. Way back in 2001 Klum was still in her beginning stages of blowing people away with her Halloween costumes. Just one year into her transformations she turned herself into Lady Godiva and arrived on the scene on a horse with a white bodysuit and blonde wig that reached past her feet.

13. 2005 marked another typical costume with an atypical spin. Klum took on the role of a vampire but added her signature touches that put it above all the ones we see every year. Channeling some of the same tones from her Cleopatra costume, she had a long cape adorned with spider web, a big wig, and a protruding heart.

14. When it came to her 2010 costume, Klum described it to Us Magazine: “I wanted to be like an alien transformer. It took a few hours [to get ready], but I was well-prepared because someone has been building it for me for quite some time, so when the time came, I just put it on. But the makeup, that took a little while longer.”

15. Her 2004 costume as a witch clad in almost all red was a show-stopper at her annual Halloween bash. She had a staff and wore a skeleton on her back as if she was giving it a piggyback ride. She also completed the outfit with a pair of red leather boots and tattered clothing.

16. Klum’s costume last year consisted of dressing up five models to look exactly like her. (Who wouldn’t want to be her for Halloween?) To create the clones, the women chosen were given matching blonde wigs, matching pink bodysuits, and prosthetics that were said up to cost $10 million.

17. Her 2003 costumes turned some heads if nothing else than for confusing people as to what she even was that year. Klum was clad in a gold bodysuit with matching gold locks wound with ribbon and tubing. She also had gold eyeshadow alongside gold teeth. Klum’s version of an alien?

18. In her very first year of Halloween costuming, Klum dressed up as what people believed to be a goth Pippi Longstocking. Given that her braids were turned out like Pippi’s red pigtails often were, maybe they weren’t entirely wrong. Klum also wore white makeup to make her skin paler and a tight black dress.

19, Though they’re not together anymore, we definitely need to pay homage to some of Seal’s best costumes alongside Klum. In ‘06 when Klum dressed up like the forbidden fruit, Seal played the role of Eve. He donned a curly blonde wig and leaves covering his private area, including where his breasts would have been.

20. When Klum stirred controversy with her Kali costume, Seal walked beside her as a pirate accompanied with a beard, Hawaiian shirt, and machete. He also had striped, baggy pants and boots. While they were having their photos taken, he took on a menacing pose to really sell the costume.

21. Going back to one of their best couple’s costumes, Seal underwent the hours of makeup and fur to become an ape alongside his wife. He also had a few touches of grey along his hairline. While they were getting their photos snapped, he posed in goofy ways several times, one of which included him cocking his head and opening his mouth like he was laughing.

22. When Klum was hissing at photographers as a vampire in 2005, Seal was protecting her in his policeman’s uniform. He wore the entire ensemble, which was equipped with the gun belt, the policeman’s cap, the big black boots, and a pair of sunglasses that dangled from his shirt during the night.

23. In the early years of their marriage, Klum added some touches to the much-loved cat costume and Seal took on another famous costume himself: a zombie. He painted his hair with white and drew red circles around his eyes to capture the look of having risen from the dead. His ripped clothing also added a small detail to his look.

24. Even if Klum had no trouble walking around on stilts the entire night, Seal wasn’t too keen on the idea. In a 2010 interview with Us Magazine, she said, “He did not want to be on stilts, so he thought, ‘Okay instead of height, I’m gonna go wider. So he wanted to be the Silver Surfer.”


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