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Why Planes Are Always Painted White

Have you ever wondered why all commercials airplanes are white?  

Airplanes are painted white because the lighter color actually makes it much easier to spot malfunctions on airplanes like cracks or oil spills that could cause possible damage to the plane. In addition to this, white airplanes are much easier to spot in the sky, and white paint doesn’t fade.


Another little unknown fact (unless you’re a science freak) is that the color white reflects heat. This means that the white coating on a plane actually helps cool the plane down. Where other colors would absorb sunlight and heat the plane up, the color white works as a great reflector when sunlight hits it. White absorbs the light and will also help cool the plane down.

White paint is also cheaper. Colorful or decorative paint can actually range between $50,000 to $200,000 to coat an entire plane. Colorful paints are typically thicker as well, and by using thin white paint, airlines can also reduce operating costs and save money. Colorful paint could also lower the value of a plane if it’s resold because a buyer would need to repaint the plane, therefore adding more weight to it.


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