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12 Hidden Symbols That Can Be Found in Famous Logos

9. Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi is an automotive manufacturer that originates from Japan. Yataro Iwasaki was the entrepreneur who started the company, and the logo features the coat of arms of his family. The coat of arms consists of three diamonds on top of each other, each representing reliability, integrity, and success. Paired with the color red, which is said to symbolize confidence, the Mitsubishi Motors logo has become globally recognized and is one of the biggest Japanese automakers to this day.

10. Le Tour De France
Although it isn’t a food or clothing brand, Le Tour De France’s logo has long been recognized and is one of the top cycling competitions in the world. The competition has been around since 1903 and is participated in annually. If you look closely at the clever logo design, you’ll notice an image of a cyclist, with the R being the body of the athlete, and the sun in the logo acting as the bike’s wheel. This is an impressive and creative approach to the competition’s logo and definitely serves it well.

11. Goodwill
Founded in 1902, Goodwill has been a non-profit organization that caters to those who need work opportunities and skill development. They also provide a massive network of food donations and thrift stores with affordable clothing. Employees serve the needy and less fortunate and have helped thousands of people worldwide. Their logo embodies their positive outlook, with the G resembling a smiley, happy face that certainly stands out.

12. Hope For African Children Initiative
This is an effort created as a global movement for children, especially those in Africa who are orphaned and need treatment for their illnesses. Their mission of supporting African communities is evident in the organization’s logo, which is colored in a golden yellow and orange, and features the continent map of Africa and a child looking up at their mother, simultaneously. This is an effective logo that represents the company’s vision, which is one of the leading initiatives towards the bettering of youth’s lives worldwide.


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