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Top 16 Hilarious Acts Of Vandalism That Will Make You Laugh


Although vandalism is illegal and I wouldn’t suggest messing with property that does not belong to you, there have been some cases where it’s actually kind of funny. People live pretty stressful lives and coming across harmless jokes such as:  

  • Funny messages,
  • Cute drawings,
  • Sign changes.

…can help to make you laugh and enjoy your day. Seeing positive and harmless acts of vandalism is better than coming across something negative or explicit. Sometimes vandalism can be quite clever and can even be considered art!

Here is a list of 16 hilarious acts of vandalism that might actually make you laugh!

1. Looks like this sign is used to remind employees/customers to wash their hands after use. Now that it’s been pointed out, it really looks like the icon is holding a potato.

2. This clever reference to the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven is subtle, but still clever.

3. Get it? It’s a game of Tetris! Whoever spent the time to drive out to the side of this road, bring a set of blocks and glue them on is terrific. This would be a great thing to stumble across when sitting in traffic. 

4. The little sign and barrier rope placed by this dandelion is precious, but what’s going to happen when the seeds blow away?

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