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People Share Stories About Hilarious Things They’ve Done While On Autopilot

By the time we’re born we already have a routine. We get up, we get food, we go to the washroom, and basically do whatever else it is we need to do.

These daily tasks only grow in length the older we get and the more tasks we have the more often we tend to go into autopilot mode. It can often be hard to remember that we’re in a present moment and need to act accordingly. Perhaps that box of Cheerios isn’t actually our packed lunch and we shouldn’t bring it with us on our commute to work. Maybe we forget our building is shutting off the hot water today for whatever reason and we didn’t remember until we’re already dripping in ice cold water.

There are a lot of things our autopilot brain can ruin for us in a day, though it isn’t always our fault. It is important to be more aware of your day though and not treat every single morning before work as the same before you wind up in a mess because of one tiny little change to your usual routine. Here are 24 people from AskReddit sharing their hilarious autopilot moments.

1. My cousin used to live in a very small town. He, and a majority of the town, all worked for the same company. Every morning, he would get into his car and just start following the other car in front of him to work. But one day, someone who didn’t work at the company got into the line of cars. Everybody behind her, including my cousin, just started to follow this person. It wasn’t until they were pulled into her driveway that they all snapped out of it. (Tricky4279)

2. While working retail I had several customers in a row that all used gift cards and after a gift card was empty we were supposed to throw it away. So, I was on autopilot and I swiped someone’s credit card, cut it in half and threw it away all while the customer just looked at me super confused. Luckily they were very understanding of repetitive work and didn’t get upset. (Helix_van_Boron)

3. My friend Marc and I were going to a party and he decided to drive there and leave his car. He just wanted to pick up a bottle of vodka from his house first, so we pulled up outside and he runs inside while I wait in the car. He was in there for a while but I figured he was just chatting with his family or using the bathroom, I didn’t want to interrupt. After twenty minutes his dad comes home from walking the dog and saw me sitting there so his dad told Marc. Turns out he’d forgotten all about the vodka once he walked in. He went in, made a sandwich, and was ready to go to bed!” (Kitjen)

4. While I was at a party my friend handed me her phone while I was also holding a cup of beer, and for some reason I just stared right at her and dipped the phone into the beer? I don’t even know why! It wasn’t like I was dipping things repetitively all night but… yep. Did that.” (igbay_agfay)

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