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10+ Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By War And Peas

An online comic titled War And Peas has quickly become a viral sensation with its witty humor and dark jokes that leave you scratching your head.

Started by a creative duo at the German-French Border in a town called Saarbrücken, War And Peas is the brainchild of Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich. The project began in 2011 and has been taking over people’s social media feeds for the last seven years. To this day they have over 73,000 fans on Facebook and over 127,000 followers on Instagram.

Elizabeth told reporters that, “A Scottish bus driver laughed so hard at our comics that he drove right into Lake McGowanshire and died. Our condolences to his family. Thus it has been demonstrated the supreme quality of War and Peas.” The panels often feature black comedy and an extremely morbid sense of humor. The following 10+ comics showcase some of their greatest moments, but we must warn you, do not operate any motor vehicles while reading these! They may cause laughter and distracted driving!

1) The Wedding: This first comic features a hilarious situation where a man bends over to grab a penny, and as misfortune would have it, it causes an enormous tear in his pants! Who would have thought that this action would lead the poor man to his future wife! Huzzah!

2) Adventures of Dr. Carter: In this comic panel, we see two chaps at the beach. One is a reporter and the other is our infamous Dr. Carter. This man doesn’t give any cares in the world. It’s hilarious to watch both of these characters interact! What great enormous fun! Huzzah!

3) Gary the Ghost: Ah Gary! You silly, silly ghost! What misadventures will you get up to next? Little did we know, but apparently ghosts can get embarrassed too! This comic explores the life of a ghost as if he had no cares in the world, until someone from below a cliff and sees up his sheet! Poor Gary!

4) Death Can Wait: That old joke about the grim reaper coming to get you went you die is explored again in this comic, except that this time death arrives while a lady is using the toilet! OH, fun! Toilet humor is the best humor. In this comic we see death coming to get her, but he decides to let her finish. Ha!

5) Watch Out For Seedless Watermelons: This is a cautionary tale about an unforeseen danger known as the seedless watermelon. Approximately 100 people are injured every year from angry seedless watermelons. Especially ones having an existential crisis about not being able to reproduce!

6) The Cat Known As Lord Nibbles: That age-old superstition that deals with black cats crossing your path being a sign of bad luck is explored here. Of course, this is the opposite of the case for Lord Nibbles, for this kitty has supernatural powers to smite any who dare insult him.

7) Tango With Death: Another great comic panel featuring our favorite character of the Grim Reaper shows a man who’s very much ready to be taken by death… only not under the context that you might think. I know my strategy for when death comes knocking at my door! Huzzah!

8) The Mischievous Seeing Eye Dog: Here we see an adorable dog hiding behind a rock, but the punchline of this joke is that the dog is actually a service dog for a blind person. Isn’t that funny? Maybe not to any blind people though. That’s a naughty dog. A bad boy! No treats for you, bad boy!

9) Spider Enjoying His Feast: Ah! What lovely absurdism! We love it. Here the comic explores a delightful parallel universe where spiders can dine out just like the rest of us. Have a fly in your soup? No problem! Spiders love that! Yay for spiders! In this world, nobody is an arachnophobe.

10) Never Interrupt Bob: Here, Bob is trying his best to meditate. What we don’t know about Bob, however, is that he is a homicidal maniac. Watch out for Bob kids. This guy will seriously screw you up. Just look at his friend! Hopefully meditation helps Bob in the long run, but for now, we’re all seriously worried.

11) Family Heirloom: This hilarious comic explains the humor behind certain family heirlooms. In this case, an ugly sweater handed down since the middle ages. The real humor behind this comic is about how they might have had sweaters in the middle ages. What a silly thing to think about! Huzzah!

12) An Alien Conversation: When you look back at the history of humanity you might get a bigger sense that we are quite small in the grand scheme of things. That is exactly what this comic is telling us, as they look at humanity as a whole and how retrospectively dumb we are as a collective species. Also, our poop is gross.

13) Having I.T. Problems: This person is fed up with being called weak when it comes to his password, so he throws it out the window. We can’t tell you how many numbers of times we have felt like this when it comes to our office computers. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath, and hope for better days!

14) Robot Love: Everyone is deserving of love. Even enormous boxy robots. Here we see a Robot and a professor studying a flower in what we can only assume is the middle of nowhere. The professor makes an observation about beauty then dismisses the Robot entirely. But the Robot feels far differently. Ah, love!

15) A Lonely Devil Worshiper: This person is using a traditional pentagram to summon up a demonic entity for reasons unknown to us.  The girl looks innocent enough, and surprisingly she is! All she wanted was a guest for a tea party! I know what I’m doing for my next satanic youth group meeting!

16) Funny Witch: Here a funny witch makes a joke about her costume to someone who makes a rude observation about it. She then tells this stupid guy off by doing exactly what he requests – performing magic tricks on him. Little does he know these involve satanic practices. Good for her.

17) The Darkest Secret Of All: What is this mysterious man doing lurking outside at night? He is obviously up to no good. Ah! Nevermind! He’s just sneaking off to pet a kitty cat! Now I have even more questions. Is this person an avid Dog lover? Does he feel the need to lie about his love of cats to stay in a relationship with a cat hater? So many questions…

18) Optimist VS Pessimist VS Imaginist: The age old question, is the glass half empty or half full, is answered here but with a very strange twist. The artists, in this case, made the glass come to life, giving it a personality of its own to whimsy us while we contemplate our choice to day-drink.

19) Mr. Robot Returns: Here we see our old pal the Robot, and this time he seems far more sassy about humanity than he did before. Perhaps because the Professor never saw much in him. Well, I know one thing for sure, with a frame like that this robot can slam his floppy disk into our motherboard any day.

20) The Love Story Continues: Here, the professor has built the robot a new lover! However, Mr. Robot seems far sassier than he’s ever been. Why? Well, perhaps he still has feelings for the professor… gasp! He’s had that photo all along! Always, professor, always! His hardware pines for her.

21) Introverts Unite: Here we have a man who has accomplished a great deal in his lifetime. He has pursued a great many things, mountain climbing is one of them. Once he has reached this claim to fame, he suddenly feels sad and lonely. However, once someone else climbs to the top with him, he’s reminded of why he set off on the task of climbing away from all of humanity in the first place.

22) The Costly Hug: This man starts off as a creepy person in the park, but then quickly offers up a delightful hug to the stranger, who then accepts. However, this hug will now cost the person 20 dollars. Of course, we would gladly pay for hugs because we don’t seem to get enough in our daily life.

23) Here Comes Death Again: In this comic, we see our old pal Mr. Grim Reaper, as he sets out to frighten his next victim. Only this time he is doing so to train his new protegee. At least we know that there’s finally a doggy heaven. Unfortunately for the bald man, he’s lost his best friend.

24) Ghost Problems: This comic explores an alternate reality where Ghosts wearing bedsheets actually have a more serious underlying condition, where if you remove a layer you seem to get smaller and smaller each time. We feel the same way whenever someone removes our emotional layers. Oh well. Maybe someday we can be super fun ghosts too.


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