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20 Kids’ Drawings Mom Won’t Be Hanging On The Fridge Anytime Soon

When children draw something for their parents, it’s a moment for Mom and Dad to feel proud. “My kid drew that!” they say to their friends. However, there are some truly hilarious drawings by kids that might never find a place on the fridge. Sometimes the things kids draw are just downright weird.

Art made by children can run a wide range of styles. There are hilarious drawings by kids, and then there are also creepy drawings by kids. Sometimes parents laugh, sometimes they wonder what kind of monsters their kids are seeing that they’re not. Whether it’s funny or scary, there’s no denying that the things kids draw can be very strange.

These 20 hilarious drawings by kids perfectly show what is so special about art made by children. It tells the truth. The emotions are raw and uncensored. When a kids gets mad, they go straight to murder. When a kid is happy, their art can look a little too happy. Either way, these drawings capture moments in children’s lives when they just didn’t know any better.

1. This first drawing was made by a kid for their babysitter. It could be considered hilarious or creepy, although Valerie was probably not fond of it either way.

2. Children are so innocent, they don’t see the dirty side of things like adults do. That kind of perspective can ruin everything, even a drawing of someone washing their hands.

3. Are the Kardashians so pervasive in everyday life that they’ll even show up in some hilarious drawings by kids? Apparently so, as this 10 year old shows everyone how he really feels about them.

4. When children look at their parents, they see superheroes. Kids admire their Mom and Dad so much that they even like to draw their job. Sometimes that goes wrong. See the Mom’s explanation for the real story.

5. The things kids draw can capture a moment in everyday life, even the bad ones. This daughter was obviously not very happy with her Dad when she drew this.

6. What can you do when the very first portrait your child makes of you shows you passing gas? Do you still hang it on the fridge? Is it something to be proud of?

7. Sometimes hilarious drawings by kids can put a bit of worry into their parents. Take this drawing of a kid’s teacher for example. Does this require an uncomfortable conversation?

8. The kid who drew this picture certainly has a lot of imagination, but maybe their parents should talk with them about what kind of things they’re imagining.

9. The things kids draw can sometimes look a little too much like something else to adult eyes. Hopefully this lion and monkey are just pals and not doing what animals tend to do.


10. The key to hilarious drawings by kids is to never take them at face value. These two kids probably weren’t trying to flip their mom the bird in a greeting card.


11. Kids love Star Wars, so of course a kid might give their parent a themed drawing. At least they were nice enough to indicate that their parent isn’t the one who got shot.

12. It’s never too early for a kid to learn how to stand up for themselves. In this case, this person’s daughter has the potential to be on a reality show in the future.

13. Art made by children can be hilarious and it can be sad, sometimes at the same time. This kid’s mom probably isn’t always drinking wine alone, but the ennui in this drawing is undeniable.

14. Creepy drawings by kids are probably among the scariest things out there. Children are so earnest about their terrifying imaginary friends, it has to make parents wonder if the truth is out there.

15. Every artist has to start somewhere, right? It’s probably a good thing this drawing was labelled as “scissors,” lest the school receive some complaints.

16. This kid and his parents were listening to some old school rap when he decided to draw himself a “turntable.” Luckily his parents immortalized the moment forever.


17. Sometimes creepy drawings by kids can be a little too close to home. Does this kid want his parents to know that he knows all their secrets? Or is this from growing in the surveillance age?

18. Having a new sibling in the house can be hard for some kids. Sometimes they end up getting along great, and other times they just want to give their brother or sister away to some aliens.

19. The best part about this kid’s drawing is that it is fully correct. Being able to recognize that a certain word starts with a certain letter is a promising sign of a highly literate child.

20. The inspiration for art made by children can come from anywhere, but sometimes you have to wonder just exactly what kids are thinking when they draw these things.


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