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24 Comics That Illustrate The Hilarious Side Of Everyday Life With A Boyfriend

We all have those hilarious everyday moments. The little things that make us chuckle, but then we forget about them a few minutes later. However, some people are able to capture those moments in their art, and they do so in hilarious ways. One of those creative geniuses is Julie from Denmark. She is the creator and artist behind In Your Face Cake comics. Her short comics capture those hilarious everyday moments perfectly, adding a surreal air of comedy and observation to the things most of us disregard in our lives.

Compiled here are 24  of the best In Your Face Cake comics. Each one explores matters from living with a boyfriend to private embarrassments to the triumphs and trappings of adulthood.

Julie doesn’t shy away from anything in her own life, nor does she hold back when depicting her own behavior. Luckily for her readers, she is consistently hilarious and charming.

1) Where are my keys?!: When you’re getting ready in the morning, sometimes you’re in a rush. When something goes wrong, it throws you into panic mode. You start thinking about how you need to get going and it sends you into a reckless fury.

2) Everybody wants some: There’s a real misconception that guys are the only people who enjoy certain things, but that’s definitely true for women as well. As you can see, Julie knows the basics of what it’s like to be a woman in a relationship with a great guy.

3) I’m a lady now: It’s hard to deal with growing up sometimes. The biggest realization for most people is that you’re no longer a ‘boy’ or girl,’ you’re a ‘man’ or a ‘lady.’ This is one of those hilarious everyday moments that hit hard, especially when you don’t feel like a full-fledged grown-up.

4) Cover me!: Just because you’re a man or a lady now doesn’t mean you can’t give in to some immature fun sometimes. Remember, words can have two meanings, and sometimes it’s hilarious to throw people off. They might not think so, but as long as you make yourself laugh, that’s all that matters.

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