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24 Comics That Illustrate The Hilarious Side Of Everyday Life With A Boyfriend

We all have those hilarious everyday moments. The little things that make us chuckle, but then we forget about them a few minutes later. However, some people are able to capture those moments in their art, and they do so in hilarious ways. One of those creative geniuses is Julie from Denmark. She is the creator and artist behind In Your Face Cake comics. Her short comics capture those hilarious everyday moments perfectly, adding a surreal air of comedy and observation to the things most of us disregard in our lives.

Compiled here are 24  of the best In Your Face Cake comics. Each one explores matters from living with a boyfriend to private embarrassments to the triumphs and trappings of adulthood.

Julie doesn’t shy away from anything in her own life, nor does she hold back when depicting her own behavior. Luckily for her readers, she is consistently hilarious and charming.

1) Where are my keys?!: When you’re getting ready in the morning, sometimes you’re in a rush. When something goes wrong, it throws you into panic mode. You start thinking about how you need to get going and it sends you into a reckless fury.

2) Everybody wants some: There’s a real misconception that guys are the only people who enjoy certain things, but that’s definitely true for women as well. As you can see, Julie knows the basics of what it’s like to be a woman in a relationship with a great guy.

3) I’m a lady now: It’s hard to deal with growing up sometimes. The biggest realization for most people is that you’re no longer a ‘boy’ or girl,’ you’re a ‘man’ or a ‘lady.’ This is one of those hilarious everyday moments that hit hard, especially when you don’t feel like a full-fledged grown-up.

4) Cover me!: Just because you’re a man or a lady now doesn’t mean you can’t give in to some immature fun sometimes. Remember, words can have two meanings, and sometimes it’s hilarious to throw people off. They might not think so, but as long as you make yourself laugh, that’s all that matters.

5) Only one third: There’s a closet full of clothes, and yet somehow you only ever seem to wear the same five outfits. We’ve all been there. It’s nice to have some variety, but once you figure out what works for you, It’s hard to switch to anything else. Besides, sweatpants are always an option.

6) Rest of my slice: It’s a magical moment when someone offers you the rest of their food. Sure, some people have a little something called ‘self-control’ and will say no. However, there are others who will jump at the opportunity to eat someone else’s leftovers, especially when it’s pizza.

7) What real love is: There are those hilarious everyday moments in a relationship that no one ever seems to talk about. One of those is the idea of passing gas in front of the person you love. No one can argue that once you’re letting them rip freely around each other, that’s true love.

8) The upside of adulthood: While getting older can be depressing, there are those small moments that make up for all of the responsibility. Sure, bills must be paid and dishes must be washed, but if you want to eat an entire bag of chips by yourself, you’re totally free to do that. What kid can say that?

9) It’s your birthday!: Remember when you were a little kid and your birthday was the greatest day ever? There’d be a party involving a trip to the movies or an arcade or laser quest, pizza, cake, all your friends, the works. However, as you get older, you realize that it’s the small victories that make your birthday great.

10) Why use dishes anyway?: Sometimes you just have one of those weekends. Somehow your kitchen is perfectly clean despite the fact you’ve been eating regularly. Then you turn around and see the pile of takeout containers, pizza boxes, and burger wrappers. Maybe having some dishes to do wouldn’t have been so bad.

11) Smile for the camera: Why is it so hard to look good in a picture? We all must practice our smiles in front of the mirror, and yet once that camera comes out, we turn into monsters. Well, some of us do anyway. Just one of those hilarious everyday moments we all have to deal with.

tumblr/In Your Face Cake

12) The benefits of a relationship: There are many good things about being in a committed relationship. Companionship? Definitely. Love? Absolutely. How about not burning your house down because you forgot about the food in your oven? For most people that might be the number one reason to stay with a person.

13) Back in the day: Sometimes running into someone you used to know can be awkward. Usually, it’s bad enough if you remember them and they don’t remember you. It can be worse if they remember you but you don’t remember them, but if you both remember each other? Well, that can have its own disadvantages.

14) 2016 was a rough year: Even though many of Julie’s comics deal with those hilarious everyday moments, this one shows what 2016 must have seemed like to someone living in Europe at the time (Julie lives in Denmark). It was a rough time for everyone and looking back on it, this was probably how a lot of us felt during those debates.

15) When you’re sick: It’s nice to have someone to take care of you when you get sick, but one of the best things in life is when you have someone that you can take care of when they’re sick. You just want to do everything you can to make them feel better, if only because it makes you feel better too.

16) Can’t find the words: Sometimes when you’re with the person you love it’s hard to tell them exactly how you feel. You can hear the words in your head, and they sound beautiful and poetic, but the moment you try to speak them out loud, suddenly everything just falls apart.

17) Figuring yourself out: What does all of your behavior really say about you? We all do weird things, but that’s what makes us human, isn’t it? Then again, what if we’re doing all of the things that animals do only on two feet and with more self-awareness? Is that a weird thing to think about?

18 What’s in that purse?: Have you ever seen some women empty their purses out? Sometimes it seems like they’re prepared for literally anything that could happen: spills, hunger, nuclear war, it’s crazy. Then again how many times have you needed something obscure and been saved by a woman with a deep purse?

19) The best kinds of Christmas gifts: What was the worst thing to get for Christmas when you were a kid? Useful things, of course. Socks? Pencils? Give us toys! As you get older though, those useful gifts become worth their weight in gold. Some great kitchen tools can inspire way more happiness than the latest video game system.

20) What you do for love: Sometimes the people you love ask you to do something difficult, and if you really love them you do it without hesitation. However, if they get mad at you for doing exactly what they asked for, they’re the ones who are wrong. You did your best, that’s all that matters.

21) Always so cute: When you love someone they always look cute to you. It’s hard to explain, but every time you look at them, you see it. No matter how unkempt and unshowered they are, you just see that cute face that you fell in love with. The benefit to this is that they see the same thing when they look at you.

tublr/In Your Face Cake

22) What couples do in private: We all have two faces. There’s the face we put forward in public. It’s presentable, personable, and above all else normal. Then there are our private faces. Those are the weird, offbeat, and maybe slightly obnoxious ones. The same principle applies to couples who have been together for a very long time.

23) Didn’t mean to be so gross: Humans are gross. That’s just a fact of life. We burp, we scratch ourselves, we pass gas, and we do a lot of other unpleasant things. When you’re with someone for a long time though, you sort of just accept all of their grossness, just like they accept all of yours.

24) Just take the compliment: If your partner says something nice about you, don’t be self-deprecating. Even if the truth is less than appealing, just take the compliment and roll with it. They’ll be happier because they said something nice to you, and it will help boost your confidence as well.


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