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16 Hilarious Gravestones And Epitaphs That Show Humor Transcends Death

Spoiler Alert: We’re all going to die. Even though the idea of death seems to freak the majority of people out, it really doesn’t have to be so morbid. Just like you can find life amusing, you can also find death amusing if you possess that little special something we like to call dark humor.

Unless you opt to get cremated and put in a jar so you can forever terrorize whoever you’ve designated to keep your ashes, you get a grave 6 feet under. And really, what better opportunity to amuse those you’ve left behind, or get the last laugh if your level of passive aggressive is infinite.

Here is a wonderful list of people who put the fun back in funeral. They really couldn’t care less about the solemnity of death and why should they? It’s not like they’re around anymore to bother if anyone is judging.  It’s quite beautiful.

1. Indeed. Mitchell is obviously quite bitter and he wants everyone who visits him to know it. Even in passing, Mitchell couldn’t help but complain.

2. We can’t quite decide whether Joel is super bitter or super dark. Maybe he’s both, and maybe that is the brilliance of this tombstone. Wonder how his family feels about it.

3. James has resigned himself to his fate and we’d say that’s healthy if he wasn’t already dead.

grave 3 imgur

4. Sometimes epitaphs will contain bits of wisdom, sometimes they’ll speak of a person’s experience, sometimes they’ll mention those they love, but sometimes they’ll give you a heads up regarding what’s coming.

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