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16 Hilariously Misleading Things That Look Like Other Things

Just like pointing out clouds that take the form of something familiar, every now and then we all see things that aren’t really there, and it’s not because we’re crazy.

The phenomenon is called pareidolia. This happens when our brains are tricked into perceiving familiar patterns or shapes where none exists. The illusion can be quite misleading but often hilarious.

Here are 16 misleading things that look like other things, proving that we all can fall victim to this psychological phenomenon.

1. There are many baristas that specialize in making art out of coffee foam, but this cup generated one all on its own. The bubbles and dark streak perfectly make out the image of a toad peering from the depths of this mug.

1 Reddit

2. Most people don’t take notice of moisturizer before slathering it on. This person noticed that this clump of emollient resembles a weeping man so much that it deserved not only a second look but a picture to prove it.

2 Instagram / @facespics

3. Lighters don’t usually look like anything but lighters. However, this collection of cheerful fire starters appear anxious to be selected for purchase.

4. This Corolla has clearly had a rough day, which makes it all the more appropriate that it looks like it’s smoking a cigarette to ease the pain.

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