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16 Hilariously Misleading Things That Look Like Other Things

Just like pointing out clouds that take the form of something familiar, every now and then we all see things that aren’t really there, and it’s not because we’re crazy.

The phenomenon is called pareidolia. This happens when our brains are tricked into perceiving familiar patterns or shapes where none exists. The illusion can be quite misleading but often hilarious.

Here are 16 misleading things that look like other things, proving that we all can fall victim to this psychological phenomenon.

1. There are many baristas that specialize in making art out of coffee foam, but this cup generated one all on its own. The bubbles and dark streak perfectly make out the image of a toad peering from the depths of this mug.

1 Reddit

2. Most people don’t take notice of moisturizer before slathering it on. This person noticed that this clump of emollient resembles a weeping man so much that it deserved not only a second look but a picture to prove it.

2 Instagram / @facespics

3. Lighters don’t usually look like anything but lighters. However, this collection of cheerful fire starters appear anxious to be selected for purchase.

4. This Corolla has clearly had a rough day, which makes it all the more appropriate that it looks like it’s smoking a cigarette to ease the pain.

5. This attentive cow boasts more than just pareidolia in her markings, she also sports somewhat of an optical illusion. Her black spots look like two people kissing and the white space looks kind of like a poorly constructed trophy.

5 Instagram / @facespics

6. This toppled and weathered tub appears to have an expression that screams, “Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” It’s hard not to pass this abandoned bath without looking twice.

7. The perfect positioning of this bus passenger and the yellow railing make it look like his head has been replaced with one of an expressionless LEGO man.

7 Imgur

8. The way this fallen leaf has decayed to one side of the stem makes it look like a ninja springing into action with a sword.

8Reddit /u/ freeaccount

9. There’s no denying that this mop looks like it has a very stern expression and flowing mold-colored locks. It’s most likely fed up with cleaning up other people’s messes.

10. This less than appetizing apple appears to have a face. It’s also not just any face, but the face of one of those giant dolls that haunts you when you look at it for too long.

11. It’s questionable what this owner’s intentions were when placing an orange on his cat mid-slumber. But if the goal was transforming it into a fried egg, then it was a success.

11 Reddit /u/ GallowBoob

12. A Reddit user uploaded this picture and nailed its resemblance to a grandma caterpillar putting on lipstick. Not something that’s easy to imagine from hearing it, but one look at this picture and it’s evident as ever.

13. Whoever was about to hammer this nail in probably thought twice after the hook appeared to be horrified while awaiting an inevitable puncture to the right eye.

13 Twitter / @JustHadOneJob

14. This washing machine looks like it drank a little too much detergent. Doing laundry is never fun, but having a machine with this much personality must make it more entertaining.

14 Twitter / @FacesPics

15. Some cars tend to naturally look a little more villainous than others. However, this vehicle could keep Stephen King’s Christine hidden in a garage. Someone call Pixar to get this ride a part in whatever Cars sequel is next.

15 Reddit /u/ EpicRageGuy

16. The point of roofs is that they are high off the ground. But this roof looks high enough that it makes you think it probably figured out the meaning of life.

misleading Imgur


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