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This Hilarious Moment During Class Was Perfectly Timed And As A Result Got Over 17,000,000 Views

Computers have become a fundamental part of education, but they can also be incredibly distracting. During a lecture, two girls started goofing around on their webcam only to have an unexpected moment of perfect timing that had them both crying in tears from laughing.

As their attention strayed from the lecture, two girls decided to entertain themselves by making funny faces into their laptop webcam. To up the ante, the students decided to get some candid footage of some of their unsuspecting classmates. The two parted in the middle to focus on a guy behind them actually taking notes with some good old pen and paper.

Taking advantage of his scholarly concentration, one of the girls raised her finger to make it look like she was touching his nose. After wriggling her finger around, the guy heartily sneezes, which prompts the girls to break out into an uncontrollable laughter — snorts included.

There’s something about trying to withhold laughter in a classroom setting that makes everything increasingly funnier. However, these two girls were far from subtle in their outburst. Their laughing fit even ended up getting the attention of their sneezeing subject, who ended up looking directly in the camera making things all the more awkward.

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