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20 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails


Have you ever shopped for something online, spent days anxiously waiting for the package to arrive, only to open it and be completely disappointed with what you got?

Online shopping can sometimes be risky business. You never know how a certain outfit might look on you without trying it on, or how a certain gadget may work, or how big a certain accessory really is. Whether you’re buying a brand new dress or a cute toy for your dog, you never know when you might get something which wasn’t exactly as advertised online.

Here are 20 hilarious online shopping fails.

1. You would think that whoever ordered this would have guessed that it was a small chair if they had just read the description. Or maybe even looked at the picture.

2. I guess the ad was flat out lying when it said that this dog jacket could fit a large breed.

3. This converse rucksack is actually pretty cool, and I can see why someone would order it. But hey, at least the cat has a cool new accessory to use!

4. I think I know what may have happened here, because it’s happened to me before. It’s totally possible that whoever ordered this dress accidentally forgot to tick the “color” box on the online ad and got sent the default one instead. Let this be a lesson learned!

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