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20 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails


Have you ever shopped for something online, spent days anxiously waiting for the package to arrive, only to open it and be completely disappointed with what you got?

Online shopping can sometimes be risky business. You never know how a certain outfit might look on you without trying it on, or how a certain gadget may work, or how big a certain accessory really is. Whether you’re buying a brand new dress or a cute toy for your dog, you never know when you might get something which wasn’t exactly as advertised online.

Here are 20 hilarious online shopping fails.

1. You would think that whoever ordered this would have guessed that it was a small chair if they had just read the description. Or maybe even looked at the picture.

2. I guess the ad was flat out lying when it said that this dog jacket could fit a large breed.

3. This converse rucksack is actually pretty cool, and I can see why someone would order it. But hey, at least the cat has a cool new accessory to use!

4. I think I know what may have happened here, because it’s happened to me before. It’s totally possible that whoever ordered this dress accidentally forgot to tick the “color” box on the online ad and got sent the default one instead. Let this be a lesson learned!

5. Imagine getting ready for a night out on the town and putting on these pants for the first time. I’m not sure if I would laugh or cry.

6. Next time, make sure you order the right size.

7. Oh boy, the dreaded online swimsuit purchase. Nine times out of ten this will turn into a catastrophe. There’s nothing like trying on a swimsuit that you waited weeks to receive only to try it and be completely disappointed. I guess we can’t all be gorgeous swimsuit models.

8. I can totally see myself purchasing this exact same dress and trying it on only to be horribly disappointed.

9. Hey, at least give an A+ for effort. It may not look good (at all), but it’s the thought that counts, right?

10. What kind of TV would fit on this TV stand? A TV for ants?!

11. I’m not entirely sure if I even want to know what the reason was behind this girl’s purchase, but what did she expect?!

12. Buying items like this online always comes with a risk. These types of pieces of clothing (or any bodysuit really) only look good on certain body types, and if you’re even a tiny bit off with the size, you’re gonna have a bad time.

13. Considering how nice the outfit on the left looks, I have to admit that I would probably scream in rage if I tried it on and it looked like this.

14. Well, if these parents have any young children, nieces or nephews, these miniature deck chairs would be a perfect addition to any doll or playhouse! Where were these when I was 7 years old?

15. This girl ordered a “fur wolf tail for Halloween fancy dress,” but doesn’t exactly know how to attach it to her outfit. This must have led to an awkward moment.

16. A woman purchased a pair of snazzy gold leggings online, but when they came in she realized that she had ordered a pair of leggings for a Bratz doll instead.

17. I don’t blame this girl for buying this dress online, it’s pretty beautiful. Too bad that didn’t translate into reality!

18. So the material of the dress in the left picture and the material of the dress in the right picture are completely different. The dress on the left looks cute, comfortable and made out of cotton. The dress on the right looks like it’s a hospital gown made out of plastic. 

19.This dress had all the potential in the world to be absolutely stunning, but I guess looks can be deceiving.

20. Not only are these two shoes a completely different color, but they are also two completely different designs. Did someone mix up the order, or is this false advertising at its best?


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