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16 Photos Where the Background Is Funnier Than the Main Action

Isn’t it so great when you finally get that perfect selfie? You look great, you feel confident, then you look at it and of course, there’s something happening in the background. It might be silly, it might be gross, it might be a lot of things, but it definitely means you have to trash the picture.

However, as these hilarious photo backgrounds show us, not everyone notices these crazy background photobombs. Sometimes the photo makes it to the internet before the person realizes the weird thing lurking just behind them.

If these 16 hilarious photo backgrounds can teach you anything, it’s to always check the background of your photo. Don’t get too caught up in how you look (which is probably fine, by the way). Make sure your perfect photo isn’t ruined by something happening in the background. That, or get really good at Photoshop.

1. Even if you’re dressing up to do something fun for your children, they still might look at you and think you’re a big weirdo.

2. It’s just a big gummy worm, but this lady’s reaction probably says more about what she’s thinking than anyone else who is looking at it.

3. Taking selfies with your BFF can be a lot of fun. Just make sure that a spider isn’t trying to kill you while you’re doing it.

4. This is that moment of pure bliss before she realizes that something awful is happening. On her wedding day no less!

5. “Do I look really tough in this picture, mom?” “Of course, son. You’re mama’s big muscly man.” “Good. This is going right on Facebook.”

6. This girl’s face in this moment is the picture of pure terror. Hopefully she can one day learn to get over her fear of butterflies.

7. Remember when taking those bathroom selfies that there may be more than one mirror in front of you. This is where cropping becomes important.

8. When you’re a parent, it’s hard to resist the urge to disrupt what your kids are doing. “Trying to take a cool selfie? Not on my watch.”

9. This is either the moment right before seeing him wipe out, or it’s the moment right after the wipe out began and this kid is mocking him.

10. Sometimes even a dog can’t help but ruin a selfie. That or he just wants to come back in the house. Maybe it’s a bit of both?

11. Some people want to take a scenic picture with their child to remember a moment forever. Others just want to shoot a baby out of a cannon.

12. Careful with that ice cream! That dog looks like he is formulating a master plan, which will probably just be “lean forward and eat the whole thing at once.”

13. This guy looks like an NPC in a video game, but he had a major glitch and now his beer is hovering outside of his hand.

14. This beluga whale is either really affectionate or really hungry. The only thing keeping anyone from finding out the answer is that pane of glass.

15. There are times when the greatest joy a person can experience is ruining someone else’s photo. This guy totally gets it and pulls off the perfect photobomb.

16. It seems that Mickey Mouse may not be as nice as everyone suspects. This kid probably had no idea that he’d be getting eaten at Disneyland.


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