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24 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make Your Smile Grow


Just because the weekend is over, doesn’t mean that you have to stop smiling. In fact, you know the saying “laughter is the best medicine”?

Some people even believe that laughing a ton amount can actually extend your life. Whether you believe that or not, we can all agree it’s key to getting us through a busy week.

Here are 24 pictures that will make your smile grow.

1. Hilarious photos are one way to get us laughing. Scrolling through them also makes your day fly by. The internet is full of them. Celebrity photos can be one way to entertain us- whether it’s for fashion or just gossip. But it’s the pictures of everyday people that really gets people laughing out loud. So whether you’re sitting at your desk, staring at the clock or need a break from homework, here’s a list of funny photos brought to you by Reddit and Instagram. Hopefully, they can be the reason why you laughed today. Check out this first photo. Reading conversations between people can be pretty entertaining, especially when people have some witty comments. This dad had some exciting news to announce to the family about a new addition being born. But he noted that the name would be revealed tomorrow. Dylan decided to totally kill the moment by replying “Tomorrow is a really stupid name for a baby”.

2. Have an ex that you want to get back at? Or are just really bitter about your break up? Well, this person definitely did. You can say it’s cruel, crazy…or maybe even genius. This person not only prevented the ex from getting into the car but also made sure that car wasn’t going anywhere by attaching it to the pole.  

3. Making rules for people or warning signs are a great way to ensure that everything and everyone remain safe. But every once and awhile people tend to have some fun with these signs. Some even take what they say pretty literally like this reddit user. Hopefully, that plant didn’t hurt her eye…

4. Sometimes things aren’t always what they same. Sometimes you really have to take a better, longer look to understand what exactly is going on. Especially when it comes to a photo. Take this picture for example. The man has the same outfit as the girl! Or does he…Nope, he doesn’t. But it’s pretty funny at first glance.

5. Sometimes the internet has photos on things that are meant to mean one thing but people see it as meaning something else…something a little more raunchy. Then again, we all have our minds in the gutter sometimes, right? This is probably one of those times. At least for some of us. Wonder what the review is for.

6. Ah, Canadians. They’re known for being super polite and saying “eh” at the end of their sentences. This photo clearly proves both of these stereotypes. I mean, the person who spray-painted this couldn’t even fully write out the swear word. On top of that, they apologized for the graffiti!  So nice. So kind. Gotta love Canada.

7. Humans need gas as well, okay? Well, they don’t but this photo definitely makes it look like this girl is doing something that no one would ever even think about doing. Why she decided to lift her leg like that, we will never know but it sure did make for a hilarious photo. Or maybe a disturbing photo? To each their own.

8. If you believe the earth is flat, this one’s for you. If you don’t believe the world is flat, this one’s also for you. This photo is pretty hilarious but it’s also the only logical way that the dinosaurs came to an end…if the world is flat. But then how do you explain all the fossils that are laying around? Hmm.

9. This photo is pretty funny, but it also makes you think. What exactly came first, the tree or the driveway or the electrical pole? It could also be that half is for a car while the other half is for a motorcycle? In any case, this photo is pretty entertaining. Don’t think a lot of us have ever seen a driveway like this.

10. Let’s be real, avocados are becoming pretty popular these days. Hipsters love it, vegans eat it. So this Easter, why eat a massive chocolate egg when you can surprise that special someone with a delicious, giant avocado. If you happen to hate avocados this can make for a pretty good prank.

11. There’s a lot of entertainment people get from seeing cars. Could be that their license plates are funny, or they have a funky color. This person spotted a blue, red, green and grey car and naturally water, fire, earth, and wind came to mind. That’s creativity at it’s finest if you ask me.

12. The fact that this isn’t BBQ chicken or maybe some fudge or something makes this photo pretty hilarious. If you still think it’s food, think again. It’s actually some guy helping his little sister with her hair. Pretty hilarious that majority of the internet was convinced it was some beef or delicious chicken or some form of meat.

13. Nothing better or more hilarious than a contradicting sign. Especially if the company is contradicting themselves. This company clearly is all about the sliding doors…but they forgot to get what they’re selling for themselves! They’re forgiven though because it made for a pretty entertaining photo. People are literally walking into a contradiction.

14. This reddit user thought they were going to a have a regular kinda morning. Waking up, getting ready for work and going to their usual Starbucks. But sometimes, you have those days when you get to see something completely strange. Not going to lie, I’d be creeped out if I saw that but it makes for a pretty funny photo.

15. If this photo doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will. All Yelpers should sound like this. Once the person got there, they probably couldn’t understand why all the burgers were folded and were super flat! On top of all that, they were probably really irritated that Wendy was nowhere to be found in this Taco Bell.

16. This photo is sure to remind you to always enjoy life, no matter what you’re dealing with. You can also add your own little twist to this by saying you can grow old but not necessarily grow up. This photo may not be funny, but it is sure to add a smile on your face. Especially when you’re feeling a little down with life. Definitely a positive image.

17. Here’s some proof that cops can have fun as well. Especially on busy days like 420. Here’s one cop trying to “catch” some people celebrating but putting out all the essential munchies snacks. To be honest, though, they can catch people who don’t celebrate 420 but just love all these delicious treats.

18. This guy clearly has a talent for parking. Or he’s just a genius and doesn’t want anyone parking next to his vehicle. I mean, it’s rude but smart at the same time. This way, he reduces the risk of someone accidentally scratching the car. Regardless, it makes for a pretty entertaining photo.

19. I always had a bad feeling about Goofy. Well, not actually but this photo did sort of ruin a lot of our childhood for us. Goofy and Minnie being super sneaky behind poor Mickey Mouse’s back. At least it had the adults entertained at the park that day. Or the kids were wondering why their moms and dads were so upset…childhood ruined.

20. Okay, these unicorn fraps from Starbucks got a little bit out of control. Everyone was drinking it, everyone was Instagram-ing it, everyone was selfie-ing it. But this photo makes it all okay. It’s pretty funny and witty. Of course, we would never want to hit anyone drinking a Unicorn frap with our cars…everyone deserves to be basic from time to time, right?

21. Anyone who’s a Star Wars fan knows that the whole family situation in that movie can be a bit confusing. The owner of this car is clearly a fan but probably is part of the “confused” side. Judging by the photo on his car, the pairing of the mom and dad could result in an odd family situation. Pretty entertaining photo to see though if you’re stuck in traffic.

22. Ripped jeans are in style. Some jeans are more ripped than others. Then there are those people who take it to a whole other level. This girl, for example, might as well have not worn pants at all that day. I mean, fashion is fashion but this just looked like she got attacked by a vicious squirrel.

23. This photo is hilarious. This woman passed out in the perfect area. The caption to this photo makes it even funnier than it already is. It fully looks like Jesus is wondering what on earth is this woman’s deal and why she is so tired. A question that might never be answered, but made for a memorable photo.

24. This is another example of a sign that can make for a hilarious photo. In fact, this sign is pretty common. It’s something that we see on a regular basis. But this person decided to interpret it pretty hilariously. Slightly creepy but nevertheless a pretty silly joke. It’ll probably change the way you view this sign from now on.


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