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Some Hilarious Puns That Are Sure To Keep You Laughing


Whether you love puns or you hate them, you have to admit that some of them are so clever that you can’t help but crack a smile. They can be a play on words or an image combined with a joke.

They’re witty and even if some of them make you roll your eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a harmless joke. 

Here are 16 puns that are so hilarious they’re sure to keep you laughing. They’re great for a cloudy day and a good way to annoy your friends in a positive way.

1. Did you get this one? Say it out loud if you’re not sure. One of them is a regular can of soda and the other one is mini soda. I can already hear the groans. 

2. The original poster of this tiny pepper totally missed the pun opportunity. I’m not sure if that really is a chili but it’s still pretty funny.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.00.35 AM direhuman

3. Perhaps this person really doesn’t like precipitation of any form. One of the best parts about posting a pun online is that other people can join in on the fun.

4. This one is pretty silly. Could you imagine if dogs really could lose their tails? Hopefully, you aren’t already getting tired of these silly puns because there are more on the next page.

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