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Here Are Some Hilarious Reasons Why People Brought Their Car To Their Mechanic


People often take their mechanic for granted. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty tiring job. They have to deal with messy cars and all sorts of breakdowns, and usually, they deal with customers who are less than patient.

And there is definitely at least one customer a day who brings in their car with a bizarre problem to which they claim isn’t their fault, and that they have ‘no idea’ how it happened.

From deformed tires to strange finds, here are some hilarious reasons why people brought their car to the mechanic.

1. This person needed to get their headlight replaced but it looks like there’s a bit more going on that could use some attention. This car is literally missing the entire hood.

2. Not sure how effective this modification would be. I wonder what the mechanic’s reaction was when they found this piece of work.

3. I doubt that this happened due to regular wear and tear. Looks like someone was doing some midnight doughnuts and ended up busting their tire.

4. Oh wow! This mechanic found some basil in the car they were working on. Because duh, everyone keeps casual spice racks in their cars. I wonder if they took it home and used it.

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