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24 Of The Most Hilariously Filthy Memes From 2017

2017 was a challenging year for a lot of people. What really seemed to change the most was how we talk about sex and how we understand sexual relationships.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble have created a “hook-up culture,” and some people see as denigrating what should be a very intimate and special act. The truth, however, is that sometimes sex is awkward, strange, and in some cases, funny.

In these 24  hilariously filthy memes, sex is broken down and analyzed in ways that maybe we have never thought about, but they make us laugh anyway. What is it like to get to get an impressive photo of someone’s… attributes? What are the most awkward parts of hooking up? What do we all experience when we have sex? There is a lot of truth in these memes, and we can all relate to them in one way or another.

1) Pulling out laundry: Sometimes a visual metaphor is the best metaphor. Some guys are really against using protection; maybe because it diminishes sensitivity. These particular men believe in the tried and (un)true “pull out” method. It’s still trusted to this day, despite its ineffectiveness as a means of birth control.

2) Sexercise: In this day and age, finding time to work out can be almost impossible. How does this affect having sex with your partner? Typically all that movement can really wear you down if you’re not keeping yourself healthy. A good amount of cardio every week can help with this, but not everyone loves that solution

3) Clean up in aisle bed: One thing they don’t teach in sex ed is that sex is messy. So sometimes one partner will go to get the supplies, leaving the other person laying on the bed like a rag doll. It’s an awkward moment, but a very true one as well.

4) Checking Your Baggage: Sometimes being a virgin can feel embarrassing. There’s no shame in it, but when it seems like literally everyone in the world is talking about sex all the time, it can make you feel a bit insecure. Some virgins will go the extra mile to deny their lack of experience.


5) Backstreet’s back, alright: How much did we all learn about sex from pop music? We probably thought it was a lot, but when it really comes down to it, sex in pop music is just confusing. It’s probably a good thing we had TV and movies to supplement those lessons.

6) Not feeling it: Sometimes a guy just wants his girl to get on top during sex. Everyone has their preferences, right? Well, sometimes those preferences don’t exactly coalesce between partners. She may just want to chill out on the bottom. For the guys, it’s best to just go with it.

7) Baby, you can drive my car: Sex terminology can sometimes be confusing. The secret is not to think about it too much otherwise it starts to get overwhelming. If you take everything too literally, sex is going to be that much more intimidating. Best to just go with the flow.


8) Hole lotta love: “Oh no” indeed! Can you find what’s wrong with this picture? Someone had really good intentions here, but the execution is completely wrong. Someone might be in for a very complicated surprise. At least they’ll know who to blame, or who to thank, depending on what they want out of life.

9) Feeling proud: Sometimes sex is an adventure, and you’re wandering into uncharted territory. The treasure at the end of that adventure is satisfaction, and when it’s your first time trying something and it REALLY works, there’s no better feeling. Take a moment and feel proud of yourself. You deserve it!

10) Netflix and chill: Netflix started off innocently enough: stream movies and TV shows in your own home! In the last couple of years though, the concept of “Netflix and chill” has become code for hooking up. Even more suggestive than texting someone the eggplant emoji, Netflix has become the ultimate code for sex.

11) There’s still some innocence: When someone asks if you’re “good in bed,” most of us know what they’re referring to. Some folks, however, are just a little more innocent than the rest of us. Rather than thinking about sex, they think about the perfectly folded comforter and top sheet.

12) Start spreading the news: They say it’s okay to be proud, but not boastful. Why can’t it be both? When it comes to sex, sometimes you just want people to know. You can tell your friends, you can tell a complete stranger, just don’t tell your mom because that’s weird.


13) The perfect selfie: We’d all like to actually look the way we make ourselves look on the internet. Filters, retakes, and all kinds of photo editing are at our disposal. It sort of makes reality disappointing at times, and that should never be the case when it comes to sex.

14) The nerds and the bees: Sometimes the only way someone can relate to real life is via a video game. Sometimes for that person sex is so complicated that they have to compare it to one of the most challenging levels in a video game ever. This is the case here.

15) A better punderstanding: Sometimes it hits you: the perfect pun. You start to think, “someone must have already said this. It’s too good! There’s no way it came from my brain.” Then you almost get mad, thinking, “why has no one said this yet? It’s perfect!” But you just did. Woah.

16) A long time ago…: There are those who have sex often and those for whom it really is a special occasion each time. Depending on who you are, this tweet can be very relatable. Sometimes thinking about the last time you had sex requires deep thought and a surprisingly strong memory.

17) Was it good for you?: The best kind of sex is when both people get to feel good afterward. Mutual satisfaction is the gold standard. This isn’t always what happens, and there’s a lot of 21st-century problems that can be compared to that feeling. This one is probably the most accurate.

18) A gift that rocks: Most people put sex on a pedestal. “That’s the ultimate way to express love,” they say. However, are there not other ways to show someone how you feel about them? This suggestion of a very meaningful gift shows that there are more ways than one to love someone.


19) I’m with her: Hilary Clinton probably never thought this photo would be used as a meme, but here we are. This is exactly the type of reaction you expect when somebody really delivers on a promise, especially when that promise is related to size if you know what we mean.


20) God is always watching: Even in 2017, some people still believe that sex is sinful. What’s so wrong with what two consenting adults do in their own time, though? Sex doesn’t even have to be godless. Although sometimes people can take things a little too far. Don’t draw any pentagrams.

21) Young at heart: The thought of elderly people having sex is unappealing to a lot of people, but the elderly are just like us. They enjoy sex as much as any millennial does, even if they have trouble figuring out the Netflix part of ‘Netflix and chill.’

22) I forgot it over the summer: When you’re in school, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll use everything you learn in real life. For the kids who never got a date, sex ed probably seemed like a big waste of time. Hopefully, some of it stuck though, because nerds can be very attractive.


23) It’s never too early: There’s a lot of debate over when kids should start learning about sex. Some parents believe that you can never start too early, and that letting your kids know the basics of sex will help prepare them for life. Slipping a brag in there too never hurts.

24) Are you experienced?: When sex comes up in conversation, you never want to be the person who gets left out. So when everyone turns to you for your input, you just blurt out whatever you can to make it seem like you know what you’re talking about; not unlike a job interview.



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