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24 Hilariously Unfortunate Things Moms Have Done While Sleep-Deprived


Moms have hard jobs. Alongside their husbands, they have to take care of their families, make sure everything is in working order, somehow manage their own lives and careers, and get enough sleep at the same time. It’s no wonder that being a mom (or a dad!) can be so tiresome and exhausting. In the end, it’s all worth it…right?

We can all probably agree that most parents don’t get enough sleep…and if you’re a parent who is always on the go, sleep deprivation has probably become second nature to you.

Some weird things can happen to parents when they’re sleep deprived. Today we’ve got 24 hilarious mom confessions for you that will probably motivate you to encourage your mom to get a little bit more sleep every night. Here are 24 hilariously unfortunate things moms have done while sleep-deprived.

1. “I walked out to my car and strapped my son into his car seat before I realized that I didn’t have pants on.”

2. “I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and was surprised to find I felt warm and wet. Turns out I was so tired that I was [relieving myself] on the couch instead of in the toilet. I had literally pulled down my pants, sat down on the couch, and started [relieving myself] as if I were on the toilet. I just added that to the list of bodily fluids I had to clean up that night.”

3. “I kept trying to open the front door of my house by pressing the unlock button on my car key.”

4. “I put cartoons on for my bub so I could lay and relax for 5. Woke up an hour later with a completely destroyed kitchen, there were sponges and clothes everywhere, she had emptied every alfoil and baking paper roll she could find all over the kitchen floor.”

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