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Dark History Of The Doctor Abused On United Airlines Flight Surfaces


Recently, United Airlines came under the ire of the public for barring two girls from boarding a flight due to their attire. More recently, they used the police to physically remove a passenger from an overbooked flight. During the month of March, two teenage girls were told they could not board a flight due to the fact that they were wearing leggings. A spokesman for United said that the flight was for ‘pass travelers’ which is a company benefit that lets United employees and their dependents (immediate family members) travel for free.

Because of this unique circumstance, United Airlines stated that all pass travelers are considered representatives of the company and must abide by the company dress code.

But more recently, a doctor by the name of David Dao was forcefully removed from an airplane by police. Read on to find out more.

Most people have come across the viral video of a gentleman being dragged off a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville.


When the flight was overbooked, United asked for volunteers to give up their seats, with an incentive, so that United employees could board the plane and work at a different facility.


When no one volunteered, United procured the help of the police to pick some volunteers. (How you can pick a volunteer without defeating the purpose of being a volunteer is beyond me.) These officials honed in on a 69-year-old man.


This man is named David Dao and as he was dragged off the plane. He bumped his head, causing it to get cut open during the scuffle to remove him from his seat. He was bloodied in the mouth.


This caused a large public uproar over the violent nature of the removal and the justification of the use of police force on an overbooked flight.


Since the incident, United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz has issued an apologetic statement to Dr. Dao for the forceful removal.


Murky details about the past of this doctor have begun to slowly emerge. (Please note, this is by no means justification of the violent process in procuring ‘volunteers.’)


David Dao is an immigrant from Vietnam who studied to become a pulmonologist. A pulmonologist is a pulmonary disease specialist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions and diseases.


He moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky from Vietnam to further his medical career but was arrested in 2003.


In November of 2004, he was convicted of multiple felony counts for obtaining drugs by fraud or deceit. In January of 2005, he was placed on supervised probation for five years.


According to several medical journals, Dr. Dao has previously been charged with stalking as well as offering pharmaceutical drugs for sexual favors.


Furthermore, the doctor also performed a genital exam on a man who came to him looking for help to deal with his chest pain and a collapsed lung.


Allegedly, after that incident, he hired that man as his office manager and when that man quit, Dr. Dao began stalking him and was also charged with offering him prescription drugs for sexual favors.


There was a point in his medical career that he was facing a prison sentence of up to 20 years in regards to those aforementioned violations.


The medical board in Kentucky, The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, allowed Dao to resume his practice in 2015 but only under certain circumstances.


The Chicago Department of Aviation said that one of the officers on the scene has been placed on leave.



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