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Man Flies Drone Inside Unusual Hole In The Middle Of A Lake And Captures Incredible Footage

After many years spent dried up due to the drought in California, lakes, and reservoirs have finally received enough rain to fill up to maximum capacity again. Northern California is usually a very scenic place, known for its beautiful hills and meadows, but because of the drought much of it had dried up.

After snow and rain poured down the Sierra Nevada mountain range and into California, the lakes have finally been able to refill, including Lake Berryessa which is the seventh largest man-made lake in California.

Lake Berryessa features a pretty cool attraction known as the ‘Glory Hole’ spillway which holds Lake Berryessa back. Rather than water spilling over the damn, it spills down this giant cement funnel. When it’s in action it makes a neat whirlpool effect, but dried up it really is just a cement funnel.

Now that Lake Berryessa is back to full capacity, a professional media UAV pilot, Evan K, flew a drone over top of the Glory Hole to get a closer look. You have to check out the awesome footage!

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