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Those Two Little Holes On Your Converse Are There To Reduce Injury

Converse is known as being one of America’s most iconic footwear companies, the shoes are immediately recognizable and timeless. Both men and women have turned to Converse for a shoe that’s not only casual but also reliably comfortable.

‘Chucks’ have become a cultural phenomenon, the signature look of the shoe goes with just about anything and continues to play a major role in popular culture and fashion. Even if you haven’t owned a pair of Converse, you’ve definitely seen them on the street.

While most people wear their Converse shoes the same way, there’s a feature that many don’t realize. You may have noticed the two holes present in the side panels of the shoe. These holes aren’t here just for show, they actually serve a purpose.

The side panel holes in Converse shoes have prompted many to investigate the specific reason of why they are there. Turns out, these two tiny holes serve a beneficial function, especially if you’re a runner.

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