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These Are Hollywood’s Horror Stories Of Sex Predators Long Before Weinstein


With the recent expose of Harvey Weinstein, the spotlight has now been shone on the rampant sexual abuse that is evident in show business. Although some men have been victimized as well, it is mostly female actors who have been abused, threatened and/or raped.

And now more and more women are coming forth with their own accounts of sexual abuse by high-level executives.

Whether it be Shirley Temple or Marilyn Monroe, here are some accounts of sexual abuse long before Harvey Weinstein.

According to the book ‘The Zanucks of Hollywood: The Dark Legacy of a Movie Dynasty’ by Maslyn Harris, the producer, Darryl Zanuck, would shut down the Fox Century Studio at 4 pm every day to have a young woman escorted into his green-paneled office.


In the book, the author, Maslyn Harris, wrote: ‘anyone at the studio knew of the afternoon trysts. He was not serious about any of the women. To him, they were merely pleasurable breaks in the day — like polo, lunch and practical jokes.’


In 1937, Darryl Zanuck won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ first ever prestigious Thalberg award for producing.


According to Slate, it was in that same decade when the term ‘casting couch’ came into play in reference to the sexual abuse that would occur behind the scenes.


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