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16 Cheap and Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

If your home needs a new look but you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars to fix it up, there are so many budget-friendly ways to achieve a successful home makeover. For those of you who find it a little difficult to keep interest in DIY projects, all of the ideas on this list are not only cost-friendly but simple enough to make them worth the extra effort while still making an impact.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, there are several cheap and easy ways to make rooms look like new. Sure, it might be easier to buy your way to a home makeover, but it’s also just as satisfying when you do it yourself.

If you’re looking to achieve that Pinterest-worthy room, change the mood of your place, give it a new look that fits your style, or you just want to spruce things up with some home decor you made with your own two hands, here are 16 ways to achieve that room (and home) you’ve always wanted.

1. Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets. As opposed to completely changing the cabinets altogether, which can be costly and take a much longer time, why not try just grabbing a fresh color of paint? This is one DIY project that might take a little longer than the others but could have a huge impact on the feel and aesthetic of one of the most important rooms in your home.

home makeoverShutterstock | Benoit Daoust

2. Change the door handles to your cabinets. Whether you want to add to that new coat of paint or find painting your cabinets a new color too time-consuming or too much of a commitment, changing the door handles doesn’t take much. It’s easy for the handles you originally had to become worn or outdated, so finding a new look that compliments your kitchen is an easy way to change things up.

Shutterstock | Andrei Kobylko

3. Change your kitchen’s backsplash. You can use a self-stick one that you can put up yourself. Choose a mosaic with an accent color that really brings out the rest of your kitchen, whether it be to bring out the color in your countertop or the color of the walls. Instead of doing a mosaic of multiple colors, you could also choose to stick to one; maybe an all-white kitchen backsplash is what you need, or a metallic backsplash for a more modern look.

Shutterstock | ImageFlow

4. Find a new bedspread for your room. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, either! Usually, the first place I’ll check out is IKEA. My duvet cover and sheets were under $100 and the quality was still there. Focus on finding a new color or pattern to give the room a new vibe (just make sure it works well with your paint color and furniture).

Shutterstock | WorldWide

5. Get a headboard. You can make one yourself and create a rustic wooden headboard. If you already have a headboard but you’re tired of the design, considering reupholstering it. If you’ve already gotten yourself a new pair of bed sheets consider something that not only works well with that design but would work well with most designs. Although you want them the headboard and bedspread to compliment each other, it’s always good to consider making a DIY headboard that’s versatile enough to work with future looks.

Shutterstock | By Vladimir Prusakov

6. Throw pillows. This is an easy way to create a new accent color in a room, whether it be the bedroom or living room. Just grab a couple of throw pillows to spruce things up, make a room brighter or give it some personality. Maybe your throw pillow has a new pattern, a bold color or an inspiring quote; it’s not difficult to give a room character! Just adding a couple of pillows can make a huge difference! Tip: Throw pillows aren’t always that cheap so if you already have some lying around consider just buying new covers for them.

Shutterstock | Africa Studio

7. Lighting is everything. Whether it’s adding a layer of twinkle lights to some part of your bedroom, changing a lampshade or replacing your ceilings light fixture, changing up the lighting in your room – or any other room for that matter – can make a huge difference. Also consider what kind of light bulbs you’re using. Are you using warm lights? Cool lights? Eco-friendly? The color of your light bulbs can really change how a room looks. Decide what type of light you’d prefer (brightness, otherwise known as watts or lumen output) and the color of the light (measured on the Kelvin scale). The Kelvin scale is what light bulb manufacturers often refer to as “color temperature” on the packaging. Finding the right color light bulb can change the whole mood of a room, and a new lamp shade or light fixture can completely change the aesthetic.

Shutterstock | Pavel L Photo and Video

8. Repaint a room. For the biggest impact without breaking the bank give your home a fresh coat of paint. You can buy paint and all the necessities you need (rollers, brushes, tape and other painting necessities) for a decent price. Painting is easy enough for any beginner and the best part is you should be able to get it done in a couple of days! Whether you’re feeling stark white, neutral colors, or something brighter, changing the paint color in any room is the quickest way towards a home makeover.

Shutterstock | lenetstan

9. An accent wall. Not only is this is a great detail for the bedroom, but also for any kitchen, living room or washroom. Accent walls are an easy and stylish way to add to any room, and the best part is the options are endless, even the location! Try a bold color for your accent wall in a bedroom or living room. Try using something other than paint, and go for different styles and textures. Attempt some stripes along the wall. Try metallics. Put up a simple stone or tile up. The best part about accent walls is that they are flexible!

Shutterstock | alabn

10. Caulking. An easy, quick way to make your washroom look like new again is caulking. Caulking starts to wear and can look old over time so going over it with a fresh tube can really prevent your washroom from showing its age.

Shutterstock | Kuchina

11. DIY decorations. Not only can this work in the washroom but all rooms in the house! Home decor doesn’t have to be bought at the store, it can easily be made at home with a few cheap materials that aren’t too difficult to come by. My most recent DIY project was to grab a couple of unused mason jars and paint them matte black. Black works well as an accent color in both my bathroom and bedroom so they make the perfect versatile vases for both fake and real flowers. I recommend buying a good clear sealant if you plan on using them as vases so they’re not ruined by moisture.

DIYShutterstock |

12. On to the rest of the house. Another DIY project to really change things up is to add a piece of furniture you’ve made yourself. It could be as simple as adding fresh paint to a couple of fruit crates to create a rustic table or even just to store magazines, books or records. DIY furniture is a great way to give your house a new look.

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13. Work with furniture you already have. If you have a wooden table or chairs that are starting to get boring, give them a fresh coat of paint! Get creative and go with something bold. Or switch to muted colors and give your room a clean look. If you have chairs with fabric, consider reupholstering them with a new pattern.

Shutterstock | Levas

14. New curtains. One of the fastest and easiest ways to completely change the look of a room is to change the curtains. There are so many easy DIY curtains that you can make on a tight budget. All you need is a little imagination (and google) and you can make so many great curtains with things that you have laying around the house.

Shutterstock | sirtravelalot

15. DIY organizers to cut the clutter. Whether it be making a simple wooden ladder to hold those succulents (which are cheap home details you can add by the way, especially if you make some DIY pot holders) or maybe a thinner version to hold bath towels in your washroom, DIY organizers are not just about creating or adding to a room but giving everything a place. You want everything in your room to have a purpose, not just in how it looks but in where its placement.

Shutterstock | on_france

16. Last but not least, fresh flowers. Never underestimate the power of something alive to spruce up a room. They might not last long, but if you have some flowers growing in your backyard it’s the cheapest way to give your home a little something extra. Anything living is a great addition to a home. Want something with a little more staying power than freshly cut flowers? A potted plant or two adds life, color, and texture to your bedroom.

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