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This Teen Made Herself The Most Incredible Dress The Night Before Prom

homemade prom dressShami Oshun

17-Year-Old Shami Oshun is an inspiring dressmaker and fashionista who is already making headlines with her homemade prom dress.

Prom dresses are notoriously expensive, so Shami Oshun decided to take matters into her own hands. The night before prom, Shami purchased some fabric from her local shop and planned to make her own dress. Suddenly her sewing machine broke and Shami was forced to improvise by sewing by hand. To make matters worse, Shami accidentally stepped on a needle that same night, which went so far into her foot she had to get her father’s help to remove it. Yikes! At the end of her fashion adventure, however, she used tulle, fabric purple flowers, and a light magenta fabric to pull off what actually ended up being a stunning homemade prom dress.

She worked on it all right, and according to Shami “the rush” of being under a tight deadline of prom being the next day, she felt like she was on Project Runway, where she was rushing to pull off a work of art for a panel of judges.

The California teen has been sewing since she was only 8 years old. Attending prom would allow her to make a piece of fashion art just for her.

homemade prom dressShami Oshun

The end result is nothing short of stunning. For just 17 years old, Shami pulled off a statement piece worthy of most professional dressmakers.

homemade prom dressShami Oshun

Posing with her friend on top of a convertible, Shami really turns heads with this absolutely beautiful dress. The flowers at the bottom really are a unique touch.

homemade prom dressShami Oshun

Here we can see Shami’s finished product after working on it all night. You can tell she put a lot of hard work into it. Have you ever seen a dress this unique?

homemade prom dressShami Oshun

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