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New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself

Any newbie or beginner motorcyclist knows the fear of balancing their bike at a stop sign or while moving at a low speed. If you’ve ever been too scared to ride a motorcycle simply because you have trouble balancing on them when they are stopped or moving at a slow pace, Honda’s new experimental motorcycle technology may be the answer to your problem.

 Honda has developed a Honda Riding Assist technology which allows a motorcycle to automatically balance itself when stopped or travelling at slow speeds.


The new technology automatically balances the bike when it’s moving at less than three miles an hour. When this happens, the front fork lowers automatically, which improves its stability. In addition to this, small adjustments to steering the front wheel are done automatically. This ensures that the motorcycle remains balanced whether it has someone on it or not. What this means is that the technology allows the bike to automatically balance itself while in slower speeds without having to use gyroscopes.

It has not been confirmed by Honda when (or if) the Honda Riding Assist technology will ever be made available. The idea could really help new motorcycle riders who have trouble balancing when motionless or riding at a slow speed.

When a bike is riding at a fast pace, it’s easier to balance, but when moving at slowly or stopping all together, it’s much easier to lose balance and fall.  

Honda’s new Riding Assist technology was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Honda demonstrated the new technology by presenting a motorcycle ride itself on stage.

This great new innovation takes away the problem so many newbie riders face. It gives the bike the ability to balance itself while travelling at low speed or when stopped all together. A great move for Honda, and certainly something to look forward to for motorcyclists everywhere.


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