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Spider Attacks Honey Bee Hive And Gets Absolutely Destroyed

Bees and spiders often find themselves ranking high on people’s top fears and it turns out, the two have a reason to fear each other as well. Disturbing footage has emerged of a fishing spider on the hunt for bees, only to discover the wrath of a hive in protection mode.

Instead of waiting in a web, fishing spiders are powerful hunting insects that stalk their prey before attacking. YouTuber Zaur Man captured footage of a fishing spider on the hunt at his beehive in Washington, USA, stating, “These spiders can often be found under the lids of my hive.”


The video shows the sprawling fisher spider waiting to attack by remaining motionless amongst the bees, who have yet to notice the spider as a threat. However, when the spider begins to move rapidly, the honey bees immediately team up to protect the hive.

The swarm of bees aggressively paralyze the spider by piercing it with their stingers. However, the footage has raised some debate on the exact method these honey bees are using to execute the intruder.

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