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Call The Cops Right Away If You See This Hook In A Public Restroom And This Is Why

Technology has been a blessing in many ways—we now have things that we didn’t even think possible 15 to 20 years ago. However, people don’t always use the new gadgets in the best way.  

Take this spy camera for example. According to CBS Miami, people have been using it inside a wall hook to record people in the bathroom, hotel rooms and change rooms.  These people usually target women and record them while in the shower or changing.


What’s worse, the video camera can be set to record automatically when it senses motion and people can buy it from as cheap as $20. In fact, Miami Herald reported that the motion censored cameras were focused on the toilet.

Thankfully, the police are now aware of this illegal activity and they are doing everything in their power to stop it. Lt. Alberto Ramirez of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office told the media about it to start warning people about their existence.

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