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GOP Senate Hopeful Makes Unfortunate Spelling Error On His Own Campaign Bus

Senatorial candidate Roy Moore doesn’t believe in equal rights for Muslim or gay Americans, and now apparently he doesn’t believe in spelling either. The politician, who has just been approved as Alabama’s Republican senatorial candidate, was recently spotted cruising around town in a tour bus that read “Alabama Derserves Moore.”

The bus, spotted by eagle-eyed reporter Bryan Lyman right before Moore’s big debate on September 21st, was given to Moore by the SUPER-PAC “Great America Alliance”. Unfortunately for Moore, it had a spelling error right on the campaign website, potentially leading willing voters astray. Perhaps it was an attempt to avoid slander charges for the implication that Alabama deserves him?

Moore is well-known for his interesting political positions. The senatorial candidate has previously stated that he doesn’t think Muslim-Americans should be allowed to serve in Congress, that evolution isn’t real, that the Christian God is the only “real” god, and that “homosexuality” is a “crime against nature.” No word about his position on crimes against the English language.

The photo of his bus has gone viral, and his opponents have capitalized on the mistake. Democratic senatorial opponent Doug Jones bought the URL, and it now directs voters to his own site.

Jones’ website states that he believes in education, income equality, and science and that he strongly opposes discrimination of any kind. 

When asked about the purchase by USA Today, Jones said, “I think the website says it all. Click on that website and it says it all.’’

mooreEmily Pollock

But the “alternative spelling” incident wasn’t enough to daunt Moore, and his covfefe bus is still chugging ahead at full speed.

After the online furor about Moore’s misspelling, the candidate slapped a decal over the extra “r”, so that the bus now reads alabamade 

Pity he can’t slap a similar decal over his recent embarrassing statements: that large segments of America are currently ruled under “Islamic Sharia Law”, that 9-11 may have been God’s punishment for legalizing “sodomy and abortion,” and that recent racial violence was a case of “blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting.”

12105318-largeJulie Bennett

Despite those statements, Moore handily took the Senate primary on September 26th, winning by 55% over his incumbent Sen. Luther Strange. Indeed, many of Alabama’s Republicans agree with his statements; after his win, prominent Alabama Repubs didn’t hesitate to call themselves “anti-Muslim” as well. 

Moore may not be the Republican candidate Alabama needs. But he may, in fact, be the one they derserve.


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