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28 Horrible Photoshop Fails


We often see images of models and celebrities photoshopped to fit a certain image or to appeal to a mass audience, but sometimes when photoshop is used by people who aren’t necessarily professionals, it can result in some pretty hilarious and obvious fails.

From floating cigarettes (yes, you read that right), to surfing a wave on a car in your wedding gown, photoshop can make even the most impossible situations possible, but it takes a professional to pull it off.

These people definitely couldn’t. Here are 28 horrible photoshop fails.

1. Is it just me, or is that perfume bottle ridiculously massive? It’s bigger than the girl’s head!

2. At first this picture looks like a normal picture of Michelle and Barack Obama holding hands, but when you look a bit closer, the hands just don’t match up. What exactly is going on here?! Whose hand is that?

3. This picture would almost be believable if it wasn’t for the non-matching skin tone. The skin tone of this guy’s pecs and abs are completely different from the skin tone of his neck and head.

4. Either this lady has the world’s longest and pointiest elbow, or the person who photoshopped this picture fell asleep on the job.

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