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16 Horrific Deaths Caught Live On Camera


Death is a scary thing. It’s something that will inevitably happen to all of us at some point, but one thing we can all agree on is that when we do die, that it’s not caught on film to be distributed and viewed by thousands, if not millions of people. Deaths are tragic and disturbing, especially if the circumstances or unexpected or accidental. Some horrible accidental ways a person may die include:

  • A car accident
  • A fire

While many fear death and try to avoid talking about it, it’s also healthy to understand what death means and how it can affect different people. One thing that we probably don’t want when we die is for our families to actually see it, but in these tragic cases, people’s’ deaths were caught on camera, and it’s pretty disturbing.

Here are 16 horrific deaths caught live on camera. 

1. Roger Williamson died during the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix in the Netherlands. It was his second Formula One race, and on the 8th lap, tire failure made his car flip upside down. It caught fire and was soon engulfed in flames. Williamson was not injured from the crash but he got trapped under the car and died.

After the tragedy, fireproof clothing became mandatory for all marshals positioned along the tracks so they could provide assistance in the case of a fire.

2. During a Liverpool vs. Nottingham soccer game on April 15, 1989, 96 people were crushed to death during an FA cup semi final. Because of football fan’s reputation for violence, a neutral venue was chosen which had fans of each team separated from each other by fences.

In the Liverpool section, dangerous overcrowding caused a barrier to fall only moments after the game started. Fans began to fall on one another, and the game stopped after only 6 minutes. 96 people were killed that day, while 766 were injured.

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