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This 4-Second Video Basically Sums Up The Horror Of Being A Parent

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

Parents usually have a sort of ridiculous ‘secret service’ level protection when it comes to their children, but we have to remember that we’re all only human. Every so often we have a temporary lapse in observation, and it’s in this teensy little window that our children get into the most ridiculous situations.

We ask ourselves how on earth we got into this situation. One minute, you’re standing around with your friends having a few laughs, you go for the nacho dip when that all too familiar ‘spidey-sense’ starts giving you goosebumps. You perk up like some kind of instinctual animal and start looking around. You think to yourself, it’s too quiet when suddenly it dawns on you that your child is no longer in eyesight.

You aren’t immediately stricken with panic, after all, you’re in a gated backyard with friends, where could they possibly run off too? That’s when you can see the little one hunched over something far off in the garden. He finds something and starts running with it. Immediately you know it’s something he shouldn’t have. Otherwise, why would he run?

Finally, you ask that all too important question.

What do you have? This kid’s answer? …. A KNIFE!

Suddenly, he runs off like he just started the greatest game of cat and mouse ever.

A video Tweet posted by Twitter user Madison Meyers (@madmeyers) shows a typical backyard BBQ, on a nice hot sunny afternoon. Suddenly, a cheeky little kid comes rushing into view, and an adult manages to blurt out “Let me see what you have!?”

The kid screams out “A KNIFE!” with the kind of jolly enthusiasm that you find both endearing and terrifying. The lady’s response is a simple and emphatic “NO!” as she rushes off to catch the kid and stop him from hurting himself or others.

We really shouldn’t laugh but honestly, this video is hysterical.

You have to marvel at the kid’s enthusiasm for finding something so dangerous!

Watch the video here below!


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