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Horse Collapses With Exhaustion After Pulling Bride And Groom For Wedding

Video footage of a horse carrying two newlyweds up a hill to a church in Borgetto, Italy has gone viral and upset animal rights groups after the animal collapsed in the street from exhaustion.

The minute-long video was released and showed the horse sprawled on the floor, weakly kicking its leg. Feather plumes were attached to its head and torso. Members of the wedding party rushed to its side and removed the reins while trying to detach it from the carriage. Another member of the party was gently petting its head while the others tried to free it. The horse remained on the floor for the duration of the video. Once it was detached from the carriage, the footage stopped.

Images from the video were quickly spread on Italian social media by Enrico Rizzi, president of the animal rights group, Nucleus Operational Protection of Animals (Noita). He expressed his distaste in the treatment of the horse by saying that it was forced to climb a steep, slippery hill in the heat. 

Temperatures in Borgetto this past week had stayed between mid to high-20s with the humidity. Rizzi added that once it got to the entrance of the church, it promptly collapsed.

Allegedly, Rizzi and his organization have threatened legal action against the newlywed couple for what happened to the animal.

Rizzi’s Facebook has over 42,000 likes and contains several photos and video evidence of abused animals that he has either helped to rescue or is calling to be rescued. On Noita’s website, Rizzi and the organization are listed as having started a campaign to end the “zoo mafia.” They added that due to the threats that their campaign has received, Rizzi now has a guard outside of his home.  

It’s unknown what condition the horse from Borgetto is currently in.

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