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This Hospital Is Seeking Volunteers To Cuddle With Newborn Babies

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When a baby is born, naturally it needs all the attention it could get from hospital staff and of course the parents. A lot is required to make sure the newborn is healthy, protected and loved. But different situations can happen.

The opioid and heroin addiction epidemic that is happening in various parts of the world is pretty heartbreaking. But what’s even more heartbreaking is the drug addicted babies who are born as a result. It’s difficult to even imagine.

Imagine a baby who just entered this world, already going through withdrawals from drugs. Not even being on earth for more than an hour, these babies already go through uncontrollable vomiting, extensive sweating, and diarrhea. This is the reality of thousands of babies.

Let us paint you a better picture: Once born, the child who is already hooked on drugs goes cold turkey once it takes its first breath.

Imagine being fed something for 9 months straight and having it taken away from you in an instant. It’s pretty difficult even for adults.

Once these innocent babies take their first breath, the symptoms of withdrawal shortly follow. These babies cry, shake, vomit, lose weight and have seizures.

This is all due to a hyperactive central nervous system that’s put into overdrive by a mother’s addiction.

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