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Calendar Dedicated To Hot Ginger Men Released

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas present this year? Well, we’ve got news for you! A brand new calendar dedicated to hot ginger men has just be released by the company RED HOT, titled “The Red Hot C**ks” Calendar! Yes, this calendar can be enjoyed by everybody, women and men alike!

The best part of this company making this calendar is that the proceeds from each of the sales go toward a worthy cause. A percentage of each of the sales go towards helping fund the Movember Foundation’s Testicular Awareness Campaign. Not only will this present make a contribution to help raise awareness for 47% of men who deal with this condition, we’re also willing to bet that this will give your old Irish Grandmother some extra Christmas cheer!

Your dream of having your walls decorated with the finest Ginger-Men the United Kingdom has to offer has finally come true. In order to celebrate the release of this new calendar, we present to you the 12 personalities of each of your new ginger blokes that you can ogle at all year.

1) Augustus: Here is Gus, he is single and ready to mingle! Gus works in IT and would love the opportunity to reprogram your hard drive. Yowza!

2) Mike: Mike is a college student who loves to party AND study! Mike enjoys quiet nights reading at the library, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to get down and boogie whenever he’s done his finals!

3) Collin: This is Collin! Collin plays for the other team ladies, so sorry about your luck! Collin, however, doesn’t mind showing off his body to anyone who wants to have a peek!

4) Blake: This is Blake and he is blind. Don’t let that stop you ladies. This guy is real choice meat and promises never to judge you buy your looks! He’s only looking for personality!

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