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Woman Claims Hot Tea Burned Her Legs And Killed Her Dog, Sues Starbucks

It’s not a secret that when you order a hot beverage from Starbucks, that stuff is incredibly hot. Sometimes even a cup sleeve isn’t enough to hold the cup. You usually have to wait a bit before you take that first sip.

But of course from time to time you burn your tongue from drinking the scorching hot drink or you go over a speed bump and a drop gets on your leg. It happens. We aren’t the happiest when it does, but it’s expected when you’re dealing with a hot, hot drink right?

There are some people who don’t understand just how hot the drinks at Starbucks actually are. In fact, maybe it’s not even necessary to make their drinks as hot as they do. Apparently they make their drinks so hot that it severely burns people…and animals.

A woman from Denver, Colorado is the perfect example of this. Her and her dog got severely burned by a Starbucks beverage.

The dog actually got fatally burned. In fact, the burns were so bad that she decided to file a lawsuit against the coffee place.

According to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Denver on Monday, the woman ordered a Venti hot tea at a Starbucks.  

Deanna Solas-Solando, 58, ordered the drink at a drive-thru location on September 27, 2015.

According to Global News, Solas-Solando claimed that she didn’t order her tea “extra-hot” and the Starbucks barista didn’t take the proper steps to ensure safety.

News reports note that the lawsuit claimed that “At the time of the service, the lid of the tea was not secured onto the cup”.

The lawsuit was filed by Solas-Solando and her attorneys, Sean Leventhal, Jonathan Sar and Brian Pushcha. Of course, these are all allegations.

To further prove that the barista was at fault here, the suit alleged that when the tea was handed to the woman it “did not have a hot cup sleeve” and wasn’t “double-cupped”.

The woman said that the “unreasonably hot” drink started to burn her hands and  according to the lawsuit, the hot liquid spilled out of the top of the cup, causing her clothes to melt.

Her dog, Alexander, was in the car and jumped onto her lap and was himself scalded, according to news reports. The suit alleges, “Alexander was taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital”.

Solas-Solando received skin grafts at the hospital, receiving second-degree burns to 2% of her total body area. She is seeking $75, 000 USD in damages and the death of her dog.

The suit also alleges that the “wall-timer” which ensures employees move customers through the drive-thru contributed to the alleged carelessness that led to the injury.

All these allegations that were made in court have not been proven in court. According to Global News, Starbucks stated to the media that they deny these allegations and video footage will prove it.

They stated, “While we are sympathetic to Ms. Salas and the injuries she sustained, we don’t have any reason to believe our employee was at fault”.

Attorney Sean Leventhal had declined to comment publicly so early in the process. But this suit does call to mind a 1994 lawsuit involving McDonald’s.

It was in New Mexico where a woman successfully sued McDonald’s for $640,000 after she suffered severe burns from spilled coffee.

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