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People Are Furious About What Kim Kardashian Makes Her Kids For Dinner

Just about everything that Kim Kardashian does gets criticized. It’s really getting out of hand. The same people who will show the utmost support for mothers will, in the same sentence, condemn Kim for some choice she’s made in regards to her children. Recently, Kim and Kanye welcomed their third child, Chicago West, via surrogate.

The famous couple, broke the news on Kim’s website, announcing that they were “over the moon” with the newest addition to their family. The 37-year-old wrote, “She’s here! We’re so in love […] Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl.”

But of course, the community of internet trolls couldn’t let the mother catch a breath and enjoy some time with her daughter before they began their assault. In an Instagram video, she posted a photo of sushi rolls stuffed with hotdog pieces – pretty inoffensive so long as no one is forcing them on you.

People felt differently though and began roasting Kim over her choice to feed her children hotdog sushi rolls. Keep in mind that she’s only feeding this snack to the children who are old enough to eat them, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to quell people’s anger. Kim captioned the story, “When your kids LOVE sushi & hotdogs you get creative #HotDogSushi”.

In response to Kim’s photo, one Twitter user wrote, “How about if they LOVE sushi and hotdogs…GIVE THEM ONE OR THE OTHER??” While another Twitter user agreed writing, “Kim Kardashian’s hotdog sushi is going to give me night terrors.”

I’m not sure the food warrants that level of extra, but people seem to get very passionate when it comes to this family. One Twitter user, for instance, wrote, “If I had a personal chef and they made my kids hotdogs rolled as sushi the whole staff getting fired.”

Thankfully a few people delivered some pretty great shutdowns. Here’s a favorite: “Ok so to the people I’m seeing here trashing @KimKardashian for her hotdog sushi: Korea and Hawaii say hi. Maybe try some food outside your neighborhood next time guys??”

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