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A Hotel Guest Started A Hilariously Creative Competition With The Housekeepers


If you’re a regular traveler, you probably know how hard and tiring it can be going from one place to the other all the time, sometimes not getting adequate rest while missing home at the same time. That’s why some people like to have a little bit of fun when they’re traveling, whether it be something as simple as ordering room service, exploring tourist destinations, or even having a little bit of fun with housekeepers who keep hotel rooms clean.

That’s what a hotel guest and frequent traveler did while he was away traveling for business, and nothing but hilarity ensued.

Here’s what he did.

A man traveling for business in Azerbaijan decided to have fun with the housekeepers at his hotel by putting together a little sculpture for them made out of pillows and linens.


The housekeepers cleaned up the pillow figure and left him a note on a perfectly made bed.


What did the note say? Not much, but it was a positive one.


The man decided to have a little bit more fun on the second day, and left another little surprise for his housekeepers…only this time he recreated what they had left him on the note: a simple but happy smiley face.


When the housekeepers came in to clean his room, they cleaned the bed but recreated the happy face for the hotel guest. And they left another note!


The note that was leaning on top of the smiley face was a note with another, more cheery happy face.


On the third day, the hotel guest decided to get a little bit more creative. He created an animal out of his bed linens and added eyes for extra effect.


On the fourth day of his stay, he got even more creative and created yet another unique figure made out of pillows, bed linens, and towels.


On the fifth day, the businessman decided to show off even more of his artistic skills by creating a flower sculpture made out of hotel linens and pillows.


On the fifth day, the housekeepers left him a note with a few more happy faces.


And he got even more creative on the eighth day, creating a makeshift car with a driver and passengers to match.


The housekeepers left him another note, this time with a message. The message read: “You have cheered me up. Thank you!!!” The note also contained two waving, smiling faces and yet another smiley face in between them.


On day 9, he created his most creative sculpture yet…what looks to be a hungry monster with its tongue sticking out.


And he only got funnier by the tenth day, setting up a makeshift man with pillows for his head and his hands.


The staff members themselves stepped it up a notch by leaving another note with their very own drawing. The note also left him a kind message: that his sculptures were very beautiful. 


And on his very last day, the businessman left a very special message. He left a heart sculpture on his bed, and inside of the heart sculpture he left the housekeepers some goodies. I’m sure these housekeepers will miss him dearly!



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