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10 Hotel Staff Secrets You’ll Want To Know Before Booking Your Next Stay


When you’re booking a vacation, finding a cheap deal can be pretty stressful. You’re not just looking for a cheap way of getting there. Ideally, you’re looking for decent priced flight and hotel. At the same time, you want top quality.

Researching all this information takes hours and going through a travel agent just doesn’t cut it anymore. But eventually you end up finding a flight and now you start looking for hotels. The stress continues. But we have something that’ll help you in your quest.

Let’s face it, the hotel is one of the most important components of travel. A broken bed or a dirty room can ruin an entire vacation. You want to get the most out of your vacation and have a memorable trip.

So to really prep yourself before you go on your next trip, here are 10 tricks that’ll help you save money and give you a great vacation.

1. The prices for hotels change on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the season, you can get an amazing hotel for a great price.

That’s why it’s better to book a room as last minute as possible, because if you do it too in advance the price may be too high.

2. If you don’t like the room you were given, you can change it for free. You can simply talk to the staff.

For example, if you don’t like the room for subjective reasons, such as not liking the floor the room is located, you can ask to change the room. They shouldn’t charge you for it.

3. Choose a hotel based on its rating, rather than simply looking at the number of stars that it has. We live in a time where we can write and read reviews to get a better idea.

We totally get that different people have different tastes, but sometimes a 3-star hotel can get better comments than a 5-star hotel.

4. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to take some souvenirs with after your hotel stay. You’re allowed take the shampoo, shower gel, and other cosmetic products.

5. Become friendly with the Concierge with the “golden keys” pin. Not only can they get you tickets to concerts and organized tours, they’re there to ensure you have the best room experience possible. If you don’t like your room, you can always check with your concierge!

6. Booking discounted rooms directly with the hotel is smart. Hotels want to sell as many rooms as possible on a regular basis.

Therefore, they pay a fee to various sites so they offer certain rooms, and you don’t get the best room at a discount. By calling the hotel directly, they’ll most likely meet your request.

7. Photos of hotel rooms can be deceiving. That’s why it’s best that while reading reviews about the hotel, to check out the photos that people who stayed there post. It’s more realistic.

8. The minibar is definitely something you should check. The people staying before you could have had a drink and poured tap water into the bottle instead.

9. Make sure you read the contract thoroughly before leaving your car on-site at the hotel. Usually, the contract states that the hotel is not responsible for cars parked on-site.

10. Things come up, and you need a way to cancel a reservation without paying a cent for it. Well, there’s a perfect solution for that.

Instead of canceling the reservation immediately, ask to move it ahead a week. Then the next day, simply call the hotel again and cancel it. You won’t pay anything for your cancellation.


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