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This House Is For Sale Cheap But Not Selling Due To Ghostly Images Captured By Google Maps


With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and beautiful hardwood flooring situated in Camden, New York, this property is over four thousand square feet of history that’s been on the market since 2010. This Victorian style home was built in:

  • 1880
  • Featuring a circular tower
  • Conical roof
  • And a beautiful roundabout porch

At an unbelievable price, this historical home has people scratching their heads at why it still remains on the market. However, after a mysterious picture was captured by a Google Maps van, people are starting to consider whether paranormal activity is the true cause behind this homes vacancy.

With eleven rooms built in baroque style architecture, representative of Queen Anne, the Queen of Britain from 1702-1707, the uniquely styled home has been vacant since 2010 when its previous owners ‘bought the house several years back, but mysteriously left almost as soon as they bought it, leaving the house in it’s current state today,’ reports

From the outside, this traditional home looks picturesque, like something out of a Jane Austen novel.


The tower roof is a traditional feature that adds to the Victorian aura of the home.


Embellished with a beautiful fireplace and intricate mouldings, this Queen Anne style home definitely carries an uneasy sense of gothicism throughout.


A number of potential buyers have described the home as ‘spooky’ while making their way through the 2 and a half story property, and considered the house to look awfully like the haunted house from the film series ‘The Amityville Horror.’


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