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16 Houses That Are Zombie Proof

Any zombie fanatic knows the importance of having a safe place for when the flesh eating monsters start to attack. A strong and safe shelter should definitely be one of the first priorities on your survival list. If you’ve ever contemplated life in the middle of the night, wondering what you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, this list may help give you an idea of the kind of house you’d want to build in the event that zombies took over. Some of these include:

  • Houses located on islands
  • Underground homes

If you’re a lover of the Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, or any other zombie-related movie or TV show, this may just be the perfect list for you.

Here are 16 houses that are totally zombie proof.

1. This ultimate safe house has movable walls that can even cover all the windows. The only entrance to the home is on the second floor, and the only way to access the entrance is through a draw bridge.

2. This home, located on an island off the south coast of Iceland, is the only home located on this secluded island. The only way to access this island via boat.

3. This home, located in Honduras, was built 30 feet above a reef. You can’t access the house without a boat, and unless zombies can swim or navigate their way through the water, you should be safe from a possible apocalypse.

4. This house is located In the Adirondack Mountains in New York. It may not look exactly like the kind of house you’d seek shelter in if thousands of bloodthirsty zombies were coming after you, but just wait for it. This house is a decoy for an underground safe house directly under the home. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, all you have to do is enter a code in the keypad by the basement, and you’re safe in the underground shelter. The underground shelter has two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a dining area. There’s even simulated daylight!

5. This home, located near Abilene, Texas, is located completely underground. The home is only accessible through a hatch and you must trek through a flight of stairs and a large metal cylinder to access the home. It has a sleeping, dining and sitting area.

6. At first glance, this home almost looks like a storage garage or just a regular farm, but don’t let appearances deceive you! This home, located in southeast Indiana, has a total of three underground missile magazines. They are each 5,000 square feet. One of the magazines was converted into a living area with a kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gym, Jacuzzi and even a swimming pool.

7. The Ark Two Shelter is a 10,000 square foot nuclear shelter, and is located in Canada. To build the underground shelter, 42 buses had to be buried deep into the ground. They were all connected and had concrete poured over them. To enter the facility, you have to get in through a ground-level entrance. It is the largest privately built shelter in the whole entire world, and includes a kitchen, separate washrooms and showers for men and women, a surgical area, a conference room, a library, a laundry room, a chapel, and even a daycare!

8. This home is built inside a massive hole which is located in the middle of a desert. If a zombie tried to get into the home, it would have to climb a massive mountain of dirt.

9. This dream zombie-proof residence is actually a decommissioned missile base located in rural Kansas. The luxury living condos are built behind concrete walls which are 9 feet long. Each room has its own separate access to food and water. The rooms even have artificial windows, and are located underground.

10. This Hanging House in Lithuania could be the ultimate fortress against bloodthirsty zombies. It is elevated above the earth, and with only a few minor changes it could be the ultimate protection against zombies.

11. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago located between Norway and Iceland. This land would give you complete isolation from the outside world (and those flesh eating zombies, of course). It would be almost impossible for zombies to locate you on this remote island. Some of the houses are event built halfway into the ground.

12. Sitting by the shores of a private lake is Chateau Artisan, a magnificent 3-story mansion.  The home has a moat and is located in Florida. The house also has its very own generator, which would be perfect for when all the power inevitably goes out in the event of a zombie attack.

13.  Finding shelter in an elevated area like a water tower would be perfect. Not only would it give you a complete and perfect view of your surrounding areas, but it would also give you an idea of where the zombies are at any given time. This house located in Staffordshire, England is built out of a water tower. It has 5 bedrooms and windows all around the tower.

14. Building a shelter above a water source would be ideal, because you’ll have access to lots of water. Not only is it isolated away from the mainland, it also provides you with a pretty decent shelter.

15. At first glance, this home in Las Vegas Nevada doesn’t look very zombie-safe at all. What you might not know is that this home actually has its very own underground bunker, which was designed in the 80’s to withstand a  nuclear apocalypse. Because it’s located 26 feet below ground, you’ll be super safe.

16. Okay, this might not be the ideal place to seek shelter, but when you think about it, it actually is! In the event of a zombie apocalypse, Alcatraz prison would definitely be your best bet. Not only is it isolated and on its own island, but it is separated from land by a huge body of water and has all the necessities required to stay alive.


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