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Here’s How ‘Sexy’ Changed Over The Decades, In 8 Sizzling Photographs


The question that has constantly circled the fashion industry for decades is “what and who is sexy?” Trends come and go as people begin to change the way they act and think. You’d be surprised how sexy changed over the decades.

Sexy is not just defined by the way people look; their personality and the era also determines this factor. What people may love in one era, they may hate in the next.

Below is a timeline of what was considered sexy through the decades.

The 20’s: In the 1920’s, curves were not considered sexy. Women would do anything to hide them. For women, looking like a boy was considered sexy. They would put strips of cloth to their chest to compress their breasts. They would also try and look as pale as possible.

how sexy changed ChrisCollins/

1930’s and 1940’s: This was the time of designers like Chanel and Dior. These designers made fitted clothes for toned women and women who were self-conscious of their body. This was an era where women worked out constantly to maintain form.

how sexy changed

1950’s: The hourglass figure was considered sexy. Marilyn Monroe was a vital figure in this era. Showing skin was not considered sexy, but a seductive and charming personality was.

how sexy changed Grekov's/

1960’s: The pencil-thin look took flight in this era. Women around the world became obsessed with the skinny look.

how sexy changed akturer/

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