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‘How To Dad’ YouTube Channel Demonstrates How To Hold A Baby

Have you ever been asked to hold someone’s baby and had no idea how to hold it? I think we’ve all seen the awkward ‘hold the baby as far away from you as possible’ pose, and it can be pretty easy to tell when a person who hasn’t had many experiences with babies holds one. Anybody who isn’t a parent or hasn’t dealt with children or babies much in their lives may or may not know how to hold a baby. It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but when you have a squirming and crying 2 month old in your hands, things can get pretty serious really fast.

How To Dad, a YouTube channel with funny ‘How To’ dad videos, walks us through the steps of holding a baby in a video they shared which has a whopping 2.7 million views.


In this “instructional video”, they point out that there are several ways to hold a baby. You have the Standard Shoulder Hold, which is pretty much the standard hold every parent puts their baby in. Then you have the Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold, which is the exact same as the Standard Shoulder Hold, except with the other arm.

Once you have the two Standard Shoulder Holds down pact, things start to get a little more complicated…

You have the Need To Pick Something up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold (perfect for when you drop the remote and need to pick it up), the Baby Jesus and the Double Baby Jesus which are the classic arm-cradle holds, and then you have the more specific holds.

You’ve got the Stinky Nappy Hold, which you use when the baby has soiled itself. You also have the Box of Beers Hold which is against the waist, the Telephone, the Dance Partner, the Hide Ya Beer Belly, the Show Off To The Other Dad’s Superman…the hilarious list goes on.

What’s to take from this video is that at first, everyone is clueless to parenting. It’s important to make light of it and know that even during the stressful times of taking care of a child, you can make the best out of a situation and even have fun doing it!


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