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Instantly Create A Tiny Cloud In Your Mouth With This Easy Trick

Many people are aware that clouds are made up of a large collection of tiny droplets of water, formed by the process of condensation. However, did you know that you could replicate the cloud formation process using only your mouth?

YouTuber Tommy Callaway, whose videos cover everything from science to hacking and programming, created a tutorial to show the step by step process of how to instantly make a tiny cloud in your mouth. While Callaway states that not everyone can do it, the YouTuber explains the simple trick and how it works.


The first step to create a tiny cloud is to click your tongue to the roof of your mouth a few times, but while keeping your mouth closed. Then, proceed to put as much pressure as possible into your mouth by blowing air while continuing to keep your mouth shut. After a brief chipmunk moment of air-filled cheeks, slowly open your mouth and a tiny cloud should billow out almost like smoke.

What this process is doing is creating humidity with the first step, then adding high pressure and high temperature by blowing air into the cheeks. When opening the mouth, the rapidly lower temperature forms a small cloud.

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