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People Share The Best Way To Split The Bill When Out With Super Rich Friends

wealthy people split the bill

Make no mistake, when it comes to food, leave it to the super wealthy to come up with creative ways to spend their money. But what about how wealthy people split the bill? 

Wealthy people splitting the bill seems like a foreign concept to most people, and with the divide between the ultra-rich and the poor becoming larger each passing year, the practices of the rich when it comes to mundane things like dining with friends becomes an elusive dance of etiquette and protocol.

Thankfully, the internet has come through for us with an extensive list of general practices that the super wealthy usually keep to themselves when it comes to splitting the bill at any restaurant situation. The people of Quora, an online community of question-answering have given their responses to what they feel like are the standards of the wealthy when dining out.

1) The Bill is Crass: It is my understanding, that a bill arriving at the table is considered crass in many places where the wealthy choose to dine. Wealthy people don’t split bills or get bills when eating out with friends. Sometimes they get change, but most of the time someone arrives early to pay in advance or someone employs another to do this for them. In some circumstances, it is customary for those who don’t pay to become responsible for the tip. Discussion about the payment is usually always considered rude. It’s the reason that many private clubs don’t have cash interaction at dining tables. (Quora: Ardell Dellaloggia)

2) A 50/50 chance: It is my experience that there is no set way that things are done. Some wealthy people are generous and always insist on paying for the meal. Other wealthy people are very cheap, and will always ask you to split the bill even if they have 50x more money than you. Some take turns paying, some split the bill with other wealthy people. There is no set system. (Quora: Richard Holmes)

3) Don’t Talk About It: I’m not super wealthy, myself, but I have friends who are. My answer is a little counterintuitive. They usually pay. It’s not for any reason that they are rich, but more so because they don’t like to waste time or energy on money discussion. They have a mentality of “let’s get this damn thing paid and get out of here.” It’s okay if someone wants to grab the cheque without fuss or drama, as long as it doesn’t become ‘a thing.’ If they think there’s going to be a ‘thing’ they just try their best to buy their way out of it. It’s not a power move or generosity either. It’s just a distaste for discussing financial transactions. (Quora: Jim Leff)

4) Wealthy Tab Hierarchy: I was in Vegas and spent some time with a friend who worked for a major celebrity. The celebrity was friends with a billionaire co-owner of an online gambling app. I went out to lunch with my friend and he explained that if the billionaire is there, he picks up the tab for the group. If he isn’t, the celebrity picks up the tab for the group. But if the celebrity was out for lunch with the friend alone, the friend had a rule that he picked up the tab. (Quora: Karl Mamer)

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